please help!!! ASAP~!!!

  1. I have the option of purchasing both the gold or sliver locket. I can only afford one! Which color do you all perfer, the sliver or gold?????

    Also for the high ticket price do you think i will really get lots of use from the bag or after the "mirror" excitement is all over it wont be as exciting. I hate to waste money for a bag to just sit in the closet!!

    Those of you that have the mirror collection, what is your thoughts? Sorry for the long post I just need to call my SA today and I haven't slept and don't know what to do .....thanks everyone for your advice
  2. I personally perfer the silver .. it really depends on your personally wardrobe i am more of a Silver girl so I would go for silver
  3. I vote for gold and give the silver to ME:p BUT on another note I purchased the gold pap in Dec and am yet to use it as it is such an OTT piece ...if you know you will use it then go for it:heart:
  4. IMO, you probably won't get the most out of using it but I'd have to say it would be one of the LV bags you'd be proud of using. :smile:

    As for the colour, gold looks better compared to silver. The gold would look good as an art piece but for usage silver potrays a 'young' look and looks more casual for daytime use. Gold would be great for cocktails and evening use. Either way, I think you have a good problem.
  5. Baby Doll~ I couldn't decide either! I'm a silver kind of gal but for some reason the gold was so pretty! Maybe it was my outfit that looked so well with the gold. My mind is going :wacko:. I do think the silver will go with more and just as stunning!

    Sorry not much help.
  6. Personally I prefer silver, but in general I say go with whether you're a gold or silver person generally. I mean in terms of jewellery, and if your skin tone is warm or cool.
  7. I personally prefer gold!

    What is the retail (in US) of these babies anyhow?
  8. the retail is currently 1620,00, wow!!! I am not sure I really want to spend that amount on a bag that i wont use that much, my mind is going crazy!!!!
  9. WOW....that really went up from the original $1400 they were quoting! Man these prices....crazy!
  10. Retail in the US is $1650. My silver lockit will be here on Tuesday. They are gorgeous in either color!
  11. Silver! But it depends what colour jewellery you wear i think.
  12. I would say Gold but silver is probably more wearable. Wow, it's so much cheaper in the US. We have been quoted $2370 even with our strong Aussie dollar. Who knows if the prices will go up after the increase?
  13. I think you should get the gold, it's such a warm and fabulous color!
  14. They are beautiful but if you don't buy bags very much I would get something more versatile that will last after the fad. Howeverr, it is LV and LV is always a classic! :smile:
  15. Don't just buy it to get an LE piece, buy it if you love it. I think its a great piece to own, but not a daily bag for me. I would get the gold because I wear more gold jewelry, so maybe you should go with the color of jewelry you typically wear.
    BTW, you could make it summery and possibly a day bag with gold or silver flip flops.