Please Help. Are backpacks worth it?

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Montsouris backpack.

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  1. Hi guys, I really need some advice. How do you guys find backpacks? Good or bad idea?

    So I've loved the Montsouris backpack for years now but I've never pulled the trigger. I love the look however a few things are holding me back...

    1. I'd have to go preloved, and I've had a dodgy experience buying before.

    2. I'm not sure whether a backpack is a good idea for everyday use?

    3. Security issues. I watched a program once about pickpockets and how easy it is to steal from a backpack.

    So Ladies and Gents, how do you find backpacks? whats your opinion? Love them or hate them?
  2. Some backpacks are cute but the security issue is a huge turnoff IMHO.
  3. I have the GM I bought preloved and I love it ! It might not be the most practical because of the drawstring + buckle combo but I just love the vintage look.

    I usually use my purse organizer inside of it and my wallet stays in 1 of the zipped compartments so I don't have to worry too much about pickpockets.
  4. I love my backpacks. I can't believe I ever lived without them! So functional and in my opinion they are quite secure.

  5. Thank you for your reply. Yes I know what you mean that's one issue I'm still unsure I can deal with!

    Oh really that's great news. Good idea with the organiser I never thought of that. Do you find it annoying only being able to carry it on your back?

    How was your preloved experience? I'm looking on eBay it seems the Japanese sellers have quite a few and for reasonable prices.

    Thanks for the reply :smile:
  6. I always travel with backpacks as I have back issues....can't carry too much weight on one shoulder. And yes, I lost my wallet once in the train in Austria. It happened so fast, furthermore I had the PacSafe brand which allow u to lock the zips (highly recommend lockable zips)..... just that I was reaching for a sweet when the train came rumbling the rush, forgot to lock the zip, and the minute I sat down, zip wide open, wallet gone. I will still stick to backpacks, just have to always remember to lock the zips.
  7. I love backpacks. I have two the one in the photo you posted which I love by the way and I have the Alexander Wang Mini Marti. Its great to be handsfree and I also think they are super cute to wear. Of course there is a security issue so when I am walking down a more busy area in city I just put my bag on one shoulder and hold it more towards my front until I feel safe again that's all I don't think its a big deal only time I was ever robbed I wasn't wearing my backpack! I know this is the LV forum but the great thing about the mini marti is you can convert it into a cross body/shoulder bag.
  8. No, I love being hands free !

    I bought it preloved on Ebay but it was from someone in the US. She took such great care of the bag and the price was a great deal ! I think it took me about 6 months of stalking Ebay to find one in the condition and price range I wanted.
    I've regretted some preloved purchases in the past but I would NEVER get rid of this one, it's one of my favorite LVs :smile:
  9. I think backpack have their place, so I think they are worth it!
  10. +1 and have not had any security issues with mine. I've been using backpacks even before the trend.
  11. I just bought the Bosphore and I love it. I'm taking it on my 2nd trip this weekend. I definitely recommend!
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    Last edited: May 27, 2016
    I will probably go against the grain, but I've never liked designer backpacks. I remember the baby backpack trend from the 90s (I was in middle school when these were popular) so every time I see a "fashion"/designer backpack, I think of that, even if the backpack I'm currently looking at is full-size. But again, that is just me! They seem really popular these days, so what do I know!

    I think the only time I would ever wear a backpack is if I were a student or if I were a mom with toddlers/little kids. For those situations, the backpack is superior over any purse. But for everything else or for traveling, I would rather wear a tote or cross body. The security risk is too great with backpacks and I just like totes better!
  13. I voted nay due to the security concerns as well.
  14. Cute and fun
    Security reasons big no