Please Help...Anyone knows Sandstone Day

  1. After I've been through my purse ban, I have been so unlucky for missing opportunities to get my most wanted bag - the Sandstone Day. If anyone knows any which store still have this bag available (besides RealDeal)... could you please be so kind to PM me immediately. Thank you so much boys & girls.
  2. Is sandstone = Argile?? Sorry, I am new to Bbag. Not sure about the color. Anyways, I email ALOHA RAG about a month ago. they replied me this,

    We currently have the Day($995) w/regular hardware in Black, Plomb, Truffe, Argile, Sapin, Emerald and Pony Olive($1275) in stock.
  3. Yes Sandstone = Argile. AR sold their last one early July. I remembered this since that was the day I went back from vacation & get ready to purchase their last one. Thanks for your help JJ
  4. there is one on realdealcollection. It is $1049