Please help! Anyone know how to close piercings?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    OK I have a bit of a problem..I want to stop wearing earrings but I don't want to have open piercing holes for the rest of my life. That all sounds fine except I have had my ears pierced for the last 22 years :P.

    Does anyone know of anything...cosmetic surgery, creams, collegen injections..anything that can close or at least reduce the appearance of holes that have been open that long??
  2. Anyone.......?
  3. I have seen cosmetic surgery to close stretched piercings whose holes are MUCH bigger than the standard 22 gauge earring stud (think pencil eraser sized and larger). If you are trying to close just standard sized holes (and they've been pierced for that long) I doubt it would the worth the time and expense to have them sewn shut.
    On the other hand, my mom has incredibly sensitive ears and if she takes her earrings out for a couple weeks its nearly impossible to get them back in. That said, if you leave your earrings out for long enough they may tighten a tiny bit, but without surgery they will most likely never fully close by them selves.

    edited to add that even with surgery there are scars, and scars are permanent. Im not sure about temporary injections to lessen the appearance but it may be a LOT more trouble than its worth.
  4. Are your earlobe holes stretched out of shape the reason you want to close them up after 22years?

    I believe earlobe surgery can suture up your earlobe holes if they are large or out of shape. I just don't know how completely they can close them up.
  5. Thanks for that. I had a think about this last night and I came to the same conclusion as you, there will still be 'maarks' on my ears of some sort - tiny holes or scars so I don't think it is worth it.