PLEASE HELP! Any way to remove pen mark on canvas??

  1. My 2 yr old nephew drew on the the canvas of my cb papillon, i guess he was attracted to all the smiley faces! Is there any way to remove the ink mark? please help!
  2. ^^^ Oh no!!! my greatest fear....2yr old and PEN!!!! i am so sorry to hear that ---- thank god, my DD hasn't done that yet ..... to my bags, but she did enough damage to all over the walls!

    did he 'write' on flowers? or brown canvas part...or all over?! permanent ink???
  3. thats bad. have u tried asking your SA ?
  4. it's the red/cream combo papillon and he drew on the cream part next to a red flower! i wouldn't worry as much if he drew on the brown canvas since it wouldn't be too obvious. oh dear... :crybaby:
  5. Spritz hairspray on a cloth or cotton ball and dab it. Make sure to use a good amount of hairspray. I have both fingers crossed.
  6. just tried it and it didn't work. Thanks for the tip tho, it seemed a lot more probable than what the CS rep told me from LV. They say they only recommend using a dry cloth (dry cloth?? not much help).
  7. how about warm water & tissue .. wipe slowly & gently on the spot? :hrmm:
  8. On anything else I would try acetone-free nail polish remover...but it's risky because I've never tried it on canvas before. It removes ink stains from fabric, though.
  9. Anything more rough may remove the smiley faces.. the hairspray usually gets out pen on LV canvas but not of the variety were the marks are actually on the silk print.

    The cherry blossoms may be penned for good. :s
  10. I have a product called "Penoff" that removes ink from leather but I don't think it's still being made. It comes with the advice that it should first be tested on an inconspicuous part of the leather item, because it can remove the dye - and it did too, when I tried it once on a light coloured leather bag. Works great on fabrics but even if you could still get it, I wouldn't risk using it on your LV.

    I just googled to see if there were any other pen removers out there, and came across this:

    Sounds like it might be worth trying the hairspray again. Good luck!
  11. What about the mr clean magic eraser? what about a mild rinse-free facial milk cleanser?
  12. I agree with Southercharm and would try the magic eraser - it's gotten other stray marks off my bags before.