Please help! Any sightings of Gray Reissue??

  1. Have any of you ladies seen a Gray Reissue (preferably 227) or a Jumbo Patent Navy Flap anywhere? Please help..I'd really like to get either one before 2/1 eventhough the price increase isn't suppose to affect these items, but I'm not taking a chance. TIA!!! :flowers:
  2. i haven't seen the grey reissue in a boutique in a while. they were a limited edition item for fall/winter 2005 and you only very sporadically hear about people finding them. i think there was a PFer who found one recently though in the Chanel Shopping forum so try checking in there. i'll see if i can find it.
    otherwise, if you're looking to buy any other reissues (ex. black, etc) though, the price increase has already occurred on those.
  3. Thanks Jennifer!
  4. I saw a medium navy patent reissue, and a large black patent reissue at NM in Palo Alto during lunch. (I think the large is a jumbo) I didn't ask if they have the large navy can try giving them a call.
  5. Call my SA Joseph at Saks. He located a few in the past few days. He is at the NY store. The number is 212-940-4353. Sometimes it is hard to get through to that Chanel dept, so you can also try him on his cell 917-776-9353. He found me a grey reiusse and a gold metallic reissue. He always finds what I am looking for. He has helped alot of PF'ers.
  6. Thanks pursemaven! I just called the store, but no one answered..then of course it hit me that it's only 9am in NY! Luckily I didn't call his cellph. lol :shame:
  7. You can call him anytime. His International clients call him at all hours of the morning (like 2AM). You can just leave him a message on his cell and he will call you back.
  8. I just called the store and Joseph will not be in until 11AM New York Time, so call him on his cell.
  9. Oh wow! I just left him a message on his cellphone.
  10. I dont know if that is him. But, that is the price I paid for my reissue, $2375.
  11. The large is $2090. The Jumbo is $2375. :yes:
  12. Yay...Joseph found my grey 2.55 reissue in 227!!!! :yahoo: It should be shipped out today, can't wait to get it!! Thanks pursemaven, Jospeh is a sweetheart!!!
  13. ^that's awesome!! can't wait to see pics of your grey. it's my favorite reissue!