Please help another newbie w/Q's =)

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  1. Hi, everybody. just went through ton of pages in your pictures only and reference section. wowza, these are gorgeous bags!! :nuts: I really want a bag in violet or purple but I don't see it listed on their website. Is this color seasonal? do you think they might release it again sometime soon? what do people usually start out with? i'm thinking the city...
  2. city is probably the most popular style. it's the one I started out with. They come out with quite a few different colors every year, and purple is a pretty popular color so hopefully they will do another one in the near future. You can call around to some of the stores that carry bal and see if they still have any raisin. That was a pretty color.
  3. balenciaga only do a number of colors every season and only repeat black+white. the most recent purple you may get is raisin if u are looking for new :smile:
  4. ooooh raisin. got it! thanks redskater, i_love_yorkie :flowers:
  5. ^^^ thanks handbagangel actually I'm starting to really love sorbet and cyclade and sahara too :nuts: i hope to get one in april/may. do you think they'll sell out? are these limited colors for spring/summer? are there more colors for fall/winter? i sure hope this doesn't become too addictive :girlsigh: sorry about so many q's!
  6. Sorbet, Cyclade and Sahara are all 2010 S/S colors. If you wait till April/May, the selection with certain combos may be very limited by then. Those colors will not be repeated in the next season, instead, there will be different colors be released. Bal has so many color and combo to choose from. That's why it is so addictive. Have fun of hunting!
  7. thanks handbagangel :hugs: