Please help along.....


Which one is for me

  1. Manhattan PM

  2. Damier Duomo

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  1. Girls,
    please help me to dicide...:wacko: i am looking for a hand-held bag :idea: i like the Manhattan PM and also the Damier Duomo,but i can only have which one :Push:
    p10804571_ph_hero.jpg vduomo.jpg
  2. I don't own either bag but I really like the duomo, it just looks really classy. I am tempted to buy the duomo next, if I could afford it that is:biggrin:
  3. Def. Duomo!!!!!!!!
  4. Im gonna say Duomo as well. :love:
  5. I would say the Duomo, very classy!
  6. I vote for Manhattan! I want this bag soooo badly!
  7. Duomo is nice, definitely that one!
  8. Go for the Duomo!
  9. I think Selena has a newish Doumo in the MP!!
  10. Duomo:love:
  11. I love the Manhattan but I think the Duomo is more practical and easier to carry.
  12. I vote for the duomo:biggrin:
  13. Absolutely the duomo! I really like the Manhattan, but the duomo's lighter, and I love damier, very classy and low-key.
  14. i am planning to get the manhattan pm (love the uma thurman ad). but i do like the duomo because it's maintenance-free! both of them are so classy!
  15. I love the Duomo, I think that the shape is gorgeous when it's carried...