Please help, all the Python Paraty owners!

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  1. First time to post in the Chloe forumn, paraty bags are just so beautiful, my heart has been stolen!

    I'm eyeing of the Python Paraty sold at One of them is Pink Gold, and the other Stone
    . Do anyone own bags in these particular colors? I just want to see the colors from a few other sources just to be sure. Could you also comment on the feel/ texture of leather? Also, is python skin hard to look after? I seem to have this worry that pieces are going to fall out easily.... :sweatdrop:
  2. Hi karen, I have the Paraty but not the python. It would be tricky to have things fall out of the Paraty considering the top is smaller than the bottom (so things distribute along the bottom) and the top tends to stay together even when unzipped. Can't comment on the colors but while I've always thought the python too pricey for my budget, the hgbags prices seem really good. Can you do a search on those colors? Or try Google Blog Search to see if anyone has posted those colors on their own blogs? The python I've seen in the stores in black is completely gorgeous.
  3. the python skin will be fairly easy to look after I believe. Good luck.
  4. several display python paraty's i've tried have 'curling' scales. i was worried they might eventually fall-off... not to scare :P
  5. My exact worry... even if scales don't fall off, "curling" scale isn't a pleasant look either... :weird:

    Maybe I should wait until Chloe coming up with look of python kind of leather, i.e. calfskin with python print or something...
  6. I have a black python paraty that I bought when the Paraty was first introduced, and no issues with mine, it is still beautiful. I do not use it as an everyday bag, I rotate bags almost daily, not sure how a python would hold up for everyday use. There are products you can put on the scales to keep them from drying out. I bought some, but have never used it.
    I have an 'other' designer python that is much drier and rougher than my Chloe, I personally think that Chloe does the best python.
  7. Thank you!
  8. I agree with llson...bought mine when they came out in fall/winter 2008/2009. It's still outstanding...I also own several other Chloé python bags and no one ever lost a scale...
  9. llson and Chloe 75-

    I apologize if I have already asked you this before, but have any of the scales curled slightly since owning your python Paratys? I would imagine some curling might occur after owning one. A few curling scales don't bother me. Or do they stay perfectly flat even with time?

  10. I haven't noticed any curling, not sure what Chloe does in treating the scales, but they don't appear to be as dry as some other python bags.

    If I win the lottery;), I'll be headed to the boutique for the python Marcie.:biggrin:
  11. Here's a look at my Pink Gold Python Paraty..:biggrin:

    I think with all exotics, extra care has to be taken to prevent damage to the bags, but I have to say Chloe really does one of the best python bags around! This is my 2nd python bag from Chloe and I am still loving their texture!

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