Please help - advice needed to recover fees from a non-paying bidder...

  1. I waited 7 days during which time I sent 3 polite reminders, I hear nothing so on the 8th day I opened a dispute with eBay for a non-paying bidder.

    The bidder then got in touch via the dispute board and said she's sorry but she thought it was dollars and not pounds and it is too much money. I don't mind as we all make mistakes although I wish she had written to me sooner.

    Anyway, what do I do now? According to the dispute 'console' I can respond to the bidder or I can end the dispute. Which is the best thing to do bearing in mind I want to recover my fees? Do I respond to the bidder saying OK, it doesn't matter, pay the fees and we are quits or do I close the dispute - does that mean once I've closed it, I can't get my fees back. The winning bid was 169 pounds.

    I just want to know which option I should take to get my listing fees back. Thanks for your help.
  2. I would not close the dispute yet. Always leave that as the last thing. Contact the bidder first. I would also go to the eBay community board and see what other sellers recommend (they would have much experience in this thing). I do not think ebay can make the seller pay the fees though, only my .02. Good luck.
  3. since she responded, i think you can close the dispute, give her a non-paying bidder strike, and recover your fees.

  4. Thanks for your advice, I've just gone this so hopefully I will recover my fees. What does the 'strike' mean? Can she leave me feedback or can I leave her feedback? Thank you, never done this before, everyone one else just bids and pays.
  5. Thanks for your help, I decided to go ahead and close as I wrote 3 really nice emails/invoices and she never replied once, don't really want to contact her in any way now. It's been a nuisance as I timed everything to work with me going away on holiday. I appreciate your help, if she had just emailed me straight away, I'm sure we could have sorted something out.
  6. Generally, a strike is just a black mark. However, if a person gets multiple strikes they will get removed from eBay.

    You can leave her FB, but since she responded to the dispute she can also leave you FB.
  7. I need to recover fees too. What are the procedures to do that? TIA!!!
  8. Thanks Lori, I suppose the best thing to do is nothing ie not leave her any feedback and hope she doesn't leave me any.