Please help! AC Jet Setter or Jet Setter Jr.?

  1. I am thinking about getting the AC Jet Setter or Jet Setter Jr. I haven't seen either IRL, but want to make sure that the bag is big enough (Jr.?) but not too big. I need the bag to hold a laptop, magazine, sunglasses with case, bottle of water, wallet, etc. I typically carry a large tote bag, so all of the stuff that I normally have with me. Also, does anyone know if there's a difference in the quality of leather between the black leather and the glazed black leather? I would prefer leather that was soft, thick and sturdy all at the same time! Thanks in advance for any information/help in making my decision. Post pics if you have them.
  2. I'm struggling with the same decision... any advice ladies? I travel as well and need something that can hold a magazine, water bottle, files and even my laptop in a pinch.
  3. I don't have either, but judging by the comments on another AC thread, the pebbled black leather is much thicker and softer than the glazed (which is sounding like it is pretty hard and thin). I just placed an order for the mini city tote, and if it is nice I might get a Jetsetter as well since I carry tons of binders around for my job.
  4. I have a jr. and think it is plenty big. For day to day, it fits all my work-related items, plus lunch and a change of shoes. When necessary, I put my laptop in a sleeve and into the bag with lots of room to spare. I have and prefer the black pebbled leather. It's quite soft and I think it looks more professional (I work in a very conservative office) than the glazed. A couple pix are attached. HTH some!
    JSJ_full_heels.JPG JSJ_closeup.JPG
  5. definitely go with the pebbled black leather. a lot of the girls here haven't been too fond of the glazed.
  6. Thanks halocom and gee. I am bummed since Active Endeavors only has the Jet Setter Jr. in the glazed black leather. And the glazed leather is more expensive. I have an AE credit that I need to use! Oh well. I think that I would prefer the regular black leather so the hunt is on for a deal or a code that I can use to obtain it.
    Does anyone know where I could see/purchase these bags IRL? I think someone mentioned Bloomingdales. I am in the DC metro area. Thanks again.
  7. Bloomingdale's (Willow Grove, PA) has the Bender bag in stock. That's the only place in the Philly area that I've seen them IRL. You might want to check with your Bloomies and see what they have.
  8. Bloomingdale's in Boca Raton had the City Tote for a day or two then had some Benders for a day or two and as of a few days ago, no AC's at all. I was told by SA that they can't keep them in stock, they fly out!
  9. I've seen the bags at NM in Mazza Gallerie and Tyson's Galleria. They are quite lovely in person.
  10. Thanks, SuLi. I know where I am going for lunch today!
  11. I think the Jet Setter Jr. is big enough and that the Jet Setter is too big.
  12. I agree.
  13. Thanks again for all the great info. I think the Jet Setter may be too big as well. I've been looking around the web, and found a picture where the bag is probably half the size of the woman modeling the bag! Crazy. I do like a big bag, but would like to have something that I can comfortably carry with or without my laptop. I think that I am going to like the Jet Setter Jr. Ordering her today from Active Endeavors. I am going to try the glazed leather since that's all they have left in black. I do like the look of the glazed leather, but just hope that I like the feel, too! :wondering
  14. ^Just make sure to use the toutie code for 20% off!
  15. ^Thanks, sailor!