Please help abused animals!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am particupating in a charity walk to help abused farm animals. It supports the farm sanctuary -- a place that urges factory farmers (and other meanies to animals) to be kinder and rescues all of the dear little sheep, pigs, goats, geese, calfs, lambs, and chicks that it possibly can. It's not against meat...just for making sure that the animals who sacrifice their lives so that we can have food are treated humanely.

    Here is my personal webpage where you can donate. I will be ever so grateful for anything that you can do: :yahoo:

    Please PM if you would like more info on the farm sanctuary. I've visited many times. It's up in lovely Ithaca NY. Thanks for helping these animals who are in dire need -- we can be their angels:angel:
  2. ohh... they helped pass a bill here in arizona to make life better for our farm animals!!!:tup: you're right, it's not about making people become vegetarians, it's about letting the animals live with dignity, and adequate care. they give us so much, food, clothes, and milk in their short lives.
  3. Thanks to the nines!!!
  4. Yes AZ passed the Humane Farms!

    Good luck on your charity walk...what a wonderful organization to support!!