Please help about the color of the ostrich dior bag

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  1. CE4DD4DE-12D2-46CD-A31D-0A0062C15312.png BF008FDC-AAD4-4C4F-ADB0-E856DBD6F1FE.png I would like to made to order the ostrich dior bag but I'm not sure about the color . I love this pink but I don't know the color code of this pink . Please help . Thank you so much
  2. Don't know the name of this pink but I know the whole process to place an order of a custom made lady dior.

    For custom made dior bag, you have to choose from colors available on the if the pink is a seasonal color, it' wont be available for custom made dior bag. ( as for custom made pink crocodile lady dior, only fuchsia pink for shiny croc, rose and rose clair for matt croc are available...none of them is the shade of pink you are looking for. )

    You have to meet your Dior SA and ask for the custom made color options they have for ostrich leather. As for the swatches availability, it depends on the boutique. :flowers: