Please help about chloe paddys

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  1. heylooow ladieees..

    HELP HELP HEEELP!!! i really need chloe paddington bag in tan colour and i saw the stupid webbie called zhefiry? anyone knows about this web? or please help me to analyze this :

    cause i am so sick of people who sells fake stuff and says it goddamn i need ur professional eyes guys!!!

    do u know where can i buy this paddys in tan colour with reasonable price?? 9uuhm..let say under 500 pounds?


  2. just checked the link and I think it's fake. But please wait for other opinion about this website! If you're looking for tan paddy under £500, you can keep an eye on Ebay, you might find one with good deal
  3. This is fake, if you want to authenticate any chloes you can post them in the ''authenticate this chloe'' thread, you will get a good response and the expert eye of a few members, good luck. As mentioned your best bet for a tan is ebay as these are not made any more :yes:
  4. dear Von and LovePink..thank u very much ;)))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.