Please help a Tokidoki Newbie

  1. Hello All.

    I just recently purchased a few of my very 1st Tokidoki bags and I am loving them. While looking over some of the other threads that people have posted, I was wondering how do you tell if the print placement on bags are perfect? I been looking at my bags they seem ok to me. TIA.
  2. I think print placement is all personal preference. Some people like certain parts of certain prints and want them centered. Everyone defines their own sense of "perfect"

    For example: my lamore gioco is perfect for me because i have the teacup, sushi and adios/ciao ciao couple on the front whereas another person would perceive perfect as having the dragons or lattes on the front.
  3. Which bag & pattern did you purchase?
  4. If you think the placement is perfect, then it is. That's all there is to it.
  5. Hello. I have the Ciao Ciao in Adios, the Avventura in the Tutti and Vacanze print. I am still debating on whether I should keep the Tutti or Vacanze. Because my DH says that I have two of the same style bag is useless. The prints are so cute. Plus I got all of these bags on sale, so I can't resist. Thanks.
  6. Not if it's a style you'll use!
  7. Sometimes people like it if a certain character is in the bag or if it's centered a certain way. But I suppose for a placement it's all where it's placed, like if I like the polpettina on the AS print and it's the center of it all, that could be a perfect placement.

    As stated, it is really subjective. If you find it perfect, that's good enough.
  8. Perfect print placement means the key Toki characters for that print (Cactus girl, Bastardino, Sabochan etc) are fully shown, about centered and not be-headed. The words "Tokidoki for Lesportsac" also appears on front or back in full.

    Good placement means full characters (not be-headed) appear on the front and/or back but are not necessarily centered.
  9. Perfect placement = what you're happy with.
    What's considered perfect to you, will not be perfect to everyone. :shrugs:
  10. I'll echo the same thing everyone else has already's totally up to you. For example, lots of people like seeing Sandy (the girl in the cactus costume) front and center, but I'm not a Sandy fan, so I'd rather see her off to the side or out of the print completely. Similarly, I don't like the leggy girls in prints like Citta or Tutti.

    Except I think we call can agree that decapitated girls constitute bad placement!

    Anyway, to give you an idea, here are some of the characters I look for in different prints (the more of these that I see, the better the placement):
    -Spiaggia - surfing Adios, dolphin, surfing monkey
    -Inferno - either of the 2 ipod girls, Adios brushing teeth
    -Foresta - monkeys (especially the one eating a banana - see my AV), multicolored snake, mushrooms, sasquatches, many cute characters on this print!
    -Trasporto - school bus, bullet train, canoe, swan
  11. Thank you Tokidoki fans. Well, don't hate me, but on the Tutti print, I don't like the part: where there are these two ladies one with a bob cut and one with long hair, they appear on the same side of the print. I really like the Vancanze print a little better because it more colorful, but there's this one character that says Happy Holidays, so I am worried if someone will make fun of me if I use it during the Spring.