Please help a tano newbie with leathers

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  1. I just recently got a sexbomb in Pool (which I totally adore) so I understand what crunch leather is, but can someone clarify/describe the other leathers:

  2. Lenny- soft, wrinkled texture, uneven coloration, matte finish
    Moto- soft, grainy texture, fairly even coloration, slight shine
    Cloud- soft, smooth texture, even coloration, slightly waxed finish
  3. I own Lenny and Moto leathers.

    The Lenny is a chewy, smooshy leather. The bag slouches in a nice puddle when empty.

    Moto is a smooth, shiny leather with some 'structure' to it.

    Both smell amazing! ;)
  4. Thanks Alex!

    How do they hold up/wear? Which would you say is the most delicate?