Please Help, a piece of my tooth fell out!!

  1. I was leaving work for the day and I went to rinse my mouth and when I spit, a piece of one of my teeth fell out.. I am so sad.. :crybaby::crybaby:... I called my dentist and he is out of town so they refered to another one who was out of town.. WTF.??? so I am seeing another one tomorrow morning for an emergency appointment. It does not hurt but it looks horrible and it smells, I brushed my teeth and rinse with mouthwash.. I feel nasty, is one of my molar BTW.. what should I do now? :confused1: somebody told me to rinse my mouth with salt and warm water
  2. Salt and warm water to keep bacteria and infections at bay.

    Yikes, wish you could see someone today.
  3. Yes, my mom told me that about salt and water too.
    How big is the bit that fell out?
  4. Salt and hot water rinse till you go to the dentist -- maybe liquidey food, absolutely don't chew on that side or get food in it.

    If it's small, they may fill it, if it's big, you might end up with a crown. The important thing is to get in to deal with it right away as the smelling part tells me it's more than just an enamel chip.
  5. If it smells bad, there is likely an infection going on in there. It probably hasn't reached the nerves yet, thus, no pain.
  6. Oh good grief! How sad! I feel for you - I REALLY do. I just returned from the dentist not a half hour ago - a filling I had in my mouth (MY ONLY filling), had started to fall apart (it was from like the mid-80s) and when they removed it from in between my back molars, there was all this nasty nasty decay much worse than the xrays showed, which is why I had so much pain eating hot and cold foods. One and one half hour later of drilling and other nasty stuff, I'm home with a numb mouth.
    YOU GET IN AS SOON AS YOU CAN, K?? Don't do much for dinner tonight - maybe some soup. I worry about the salt - you don't want an abrasion...just rinse with water, don't do anything major tonight. Take 3 Advils and do something good for yourself tonight - like stay up and watch a movie with hubby...knowing you will see him in the a.m. It will be here sooner than you think.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!! :tup:
  7. That happened to me once. I bit into a piece of bread in a restaurant and a part of my tooth came out. I needed a crown. It didn't hurt to get it put on, but it was time-consuming. I think it was three or four long visits to the dentist.

    I hope everything goes well for you!
  8. thanks everyone for your advices and support. Is funny but it doesnt smell at all anymore. I saw a dentist this morning. She's given me three options, unfurtunately a filling wont be enough.

    #1 root canal+ crown + this little surgery that would be needed to remove some gum tissue so the bone can hold the crown, total 3300, I will have to pay 1700. If I want to save the tooth

    #2 Get an implant, extract the tooth and get a tittanium fake root to hold the implant. Insurance wont cover this so I'll be around 4500. :wtf:

    #3 extract the tooth and build a bridge, about 3000, 1500 will be my part.

    I think I would go with the option #1, she said too that if I decided to do this my tooth will be sensitive to colds because the bone would be a little

    I was given some antibiotics to prevent an infeccion and because I have a little heart murmur (MVP, not a big deal), actually American Heart Assn. doest require dentist to prescribe antibiotics to people with MVP anymore.

    Oh well, I've seen pictures and I think I could be worse than this, at least doesn't hurt and that part that is still there is very healthy she says..

    I just started to save money for my first chanel, I really wanted a Black caviar chanel medallion tote, :crybaby::crybaby:. Now I have to spend all this money. At least I'll get a new tooth.
  9. Glad it worked out and was not worse. Feel good about taking care of your teeth and your health, the bag will always be there :yes:
  10. Well good luck with any of the options you choose!

    I have a small chip on one of my teeth that constantly falls out- it is really annoying but the filling just wont stay. Good luck!
  11. I had your first option done, so far it has been good.

    For everyone's information: Walmart stores and some CVS and other drugstores sell a temporary filling material kit. I've used it once when a filling came out with a piece of tooth and there was pain (I guess the nerves were exposed). It's like putty, you make a small ball and push it in and it hardens in a bit. This is NOT a permanent measure, just to tide you over for a few days if it is not possible to get a dentists appointment immediately.
  12. Oh my gosh, I have been dealing with the same tooth problem for months. I cracked a molar that had previously held a filling from when I was a kid. I'm such a teeth fanatic that I was totally embarassed:shame:. I felt like people would think I didn't take care of my teeth. In fact, my dh kept joking and calling me a hillbilly because his family is from the hills and I always joke about it. Karma... maybe? Well, it turns out this sort of thing can happen for a number of reasons and happens to a lot of people.

    Okay, I started typing the rest of my story but thought I better not. Let me just say that I had a horrible dentist and I had a crown placed a couple of months ago, but things changed for the worse and I had a root canal yesterday.

    The good news is that the root canal and the crown were not painful at all. REALLY... not at all. I didn't feel a thing until today and it's just a tiny bit sore as if you had your braces tightened in that side of your mouth.

    Please don't worry. It's not a big deal, but feel free to ask me anything if it would help make you feel more comfortable. Definitely option #1 sounds the best. Your teeth will make you look better than any purse. Although, many here might disagree. :roflmfao: Hugs and good luck.

  13. good luck with getting it fixed. i know teeth problems can be a total hassle!
  14. :tpfrox: thanks very much everyone for your replies adn advices

  15. I am sorry this happened to you. I hope everything gets better.

    I feel you, I really do. I mean I take good care of my teeth but cavities dont grow overnight they are probably from our childhood.

    I did not see my regular dentist since he was out of town and the other dentist was really nice but I feel really embarrased too whe she asked me "Did you have a bad experience with a dentist when you were a little girl, I mean are you scared of coming to the dentist? I was like :confused1:, no why? and she goes like "because this is a big one, when was the last time you saw your dentist?" I was like january 2007 for my cleaning, obviuosly I didnt think this was gonna happen to me, but it just did. :crybaby: I will get it fix for sure, I am teeth freak too, and DH is always making fun of me too. its so weird but I am manager of this restaurant and one of the cooks is always eating desserts and I told her like a week ago, Aimee, dont eat to much sugar or your teeth will fall out"... talking fo karma :push: