Please help a newbie =]

  1. Hi everyone! This is my first time in the Balenciaga forum, and I think its time I got one! I've done a little bit of research, but I need some help. I was looking at the styles of the "Work" bag and the Giant City. Is there a difference to these two? If so what are their measurements? I LOVE big bags so I would be looking for a large size bag[something similiar or a bit bigger than the Speedy 35.] Or would the Weekender be TOO big?? I'm about 6'0 and about 175-ish .. what do you all think would be best for me?? Thanks in advance to anyone who posts!

  2. I think the work would suit you very well but it doesn't have the shoulder strap like the city does. Also~ have you checked out the PT style? It's a good size bag as well.
  3. Hi Vikki! Welcome to the black hole of BBags!!

    The Weekender is huge...truly a "Weekender". With your fab height, you could definitely pull it problem. But I doubt you would need it for an everyday bag. I carry an ENORMOUS mount of stuff daily...often including a laptop and always a hardcover book, big fat wallet, make-up clutch, big key ring, Treo and three Bal coin purses and I carry Works - no problem.

    Here are their respective dimensions:

    Work (Office) [132110] $1,385 18 x 11 x 7.5 no strap silver tag (as of F/W 05) 1669

    Giant City [173084] $1,595 15 x 10 x 3.5 leather tag only 3444

    Weekender (Voyage) [110506] $1,495 21 x 15 x 9 no strap silver tag (as of S/S 04) 213048

    Also, make sure to check out the Balenciaga reference thread...I lifted the above info from there and there is a lot of other excellent info available. Good're going to regret this! (in a good way!!)
  4. ^^ Forgot to add:

    The "Giant" in the City description refers to the hardware only. The hardware comes in:

    GGH (Giant Gold Hardware)
    GSH (Giant Silver Hardware)
    RH (Regular Hardware).

    The size of the City bag itself does not vary. Very confusing!! Same if you see "Giant Work", etc. Only refers to the Hardware.
  5. Thanks so much !! ^^^
  6. I think the Work.. will work..Lol..:p
  7. ^^ yay, welcome to the b-bag forum girl!!! :yahoo:...i think the "work" style would be perfect for you...i'm a big-bag gal too & the city's too small for me as an every day bag...but the work is perfect & gorgeous & yummy & delicious, i'd highly recommend a weekender for you (or a WE as we call it here)'s the same exact style as the work, only bigger :tup:
  8. Ok well what color do you all think would work?? I saw a Work with GGH in Athracite [sp?] and I was like drooling everywhere! I also liked the sandstone color. I live no where near any retailer who sells Balenciaga, so I was thinking of taking a shopping trip to Chicago to look! But anywho what color do you all prefer?
  9. Also- Is the WE too big to where on an everyday basis??
  10. ^^ nope, not for a gal your height!!! :okay:
  11. I think the Work is a great size and is easier to carry than the bags with separate straps if you can get the handles over your shoulders (which gets easier as the bag wears in and flops more). Have you tried wearing one or just looked from a distance?

    I have never tried a Weekender but you sound tall enough to enjoy using one and looking great.
  12. I agree, you could definitely pull off a Weekender, but you will probably never actually NEED that much space for daily things. It's huge - you could pretty much fit ME into one. :p Granted, I'm small as people go, but you could seriously pack for a weekend vacation in a Weekender and not need another bag.