Please help a newbie!!

  1. Hi everyone! I am brand spanking new to the Hermes forum. I purchased my first Hermes bag from a wonderful PF'er a few weeks back (beautiful all leather garden party with twilly) and am already looking for my next bag; a 32 Kelly. I am looking specifically for orange exotic. I found one, but in a 25. I do not have the luxury of trying on a Kelly of any size, so I was wondering if you lovely ladies could help.

    Here is the auction. Is this a good price? Is this a good size? I am looking for a bag that would NOT be used every day, but not formal. What do you all think? Would I be better off with a 32? I am 5'1 and a size 12/14.

  2. Size 25 is small IMO for daily use but it's a good size for an evening bag. If you are a small bag person, this Kelly might work for you.

    Good price? It's a give and take. It will cost you less if you buy this bag from the store. On the other hand, you need to consider the long wait and the availability of the bag in this particular leather.

    So, some people are willing to spend more $ because it is readily available and it saves them all hassle. KWIM?
  3. Thank you for your response! Evening bag small is way to small for me (especially since I already own a few evening bags that I never get to wear!) I will pass on this one. Again, thank you for your thoughts!!