Please Help a Newbie

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  1. The Rose Dragee Lindy 30cm bag I have been lusting over is available on ebay for a little bit under $9K. A couple of tPF'ers checked it out for me and said it is authentic. At the same time the SA I work with is trying to find it for me. Should I get it from eBay or see what the SA finds? One issue I have is, although I've seen many photos of the Lindy I have not seen one IRL. If it doesn't suit me I cannot return it to the seller. Another downside to ebay is the cost, this price seems to be roughly $3K more than purchasing in the boutique. Then again, the SA may not be able to find the Lindy I want. I'm new to H bags, I don't know if the Lindy is going to be made a permanent member of their offerings and if Rose Dragee will continue to be available as a color choice. And, least important, I always thought my first H bag would come from Hermes (I know, that last one is ridiculous).

    Thoughts? Advice? Any and all views/opinions appreciated.

  2. If you can afford to wait, go through the SA. The reseller's price is almost double the retail. I think they will find what you want, it's just a matter of patience.
  3. Hi I'm a newbie myself and I'm also searching for a Lindy. I've called around and many H stores told me they are getting shipment in a few weeks. Unfortunately they don't know what they are getting until the shipment comes. I'd say wait a little while longer and maybe you would be able to get one from a H store. As far as I remember the Rose Dragee Lindy that you are eyeing has been on ebay for awhile so it seems unlikely that it'd be snatched up soon (but of course you can never tell with ebay...)

    Hope this helps.
  4. I purchased the exact same bag...I haven't used it yet. But, it is a gorgeous color. I paid $4750. b/f tax...from a boutique. I think the lindy is here to stay. It has had such a great reception. Be patient. That's my advise anyway. (I think the pink color will look great with brown and pastels in the fall) If it is the ebay one from Hermes* it's been there a while. I wouldn't panic.

  5. AGREED! DO not overpay that much.........$1000 to $1500 for a really special birkin ..........maybe.........but i think you can find the Lindy you want!
  6. I just got a black 34 Lindy from Vegas and it was $5k even before tax and if its a 30, it should cost less. $9 seems crazy. Some resellers mark up way to much.
  7. Thank you all for the advice. You are all right, I need to be patient; if I'm meant to get one I'll get one. I understand the resellers want to make a profit but when I did the math it was over 4K. Plus, as I stated, I haven't seen one IRL, I would be in quite a jam if I spent that much money and then find out I can't use the bag. I'm glad this forum is here so people can talk some sense into me.
  8. As far as I know there's a Lindy in rose dragee for around 5K. seller: the_finishing_touches
  9. Have you tried it on? Just checking......

  10. The 4k over retail is out of control. We should all band together and refuse to pay those prices and maybe the resellers will bring the prices back to a reasonable level. I'm all for them getting say 1k over retail but 4k (which is almost double in this case) seems CRAZY:wtf::confused1:

    That being said, I did just get a Lindy and it is a very usable bag and the clemence leather is perfect for its carefree style. It also holds TONS more stuff than I would have expected. I ordered mine sight unseen from a H boutique thanks to a post from another TPF member.
  11. At first I wasn't loving it...but, I saw one in the boutique here...and it was the color. I ordered the rose's swift...and can carry a ton. It's really a cute bag. And I LOVE the shoulder strap option. I'm sure that you'll find what you are looking for.
  12. Don't pay $9k! Definitely wait. It seemed to me that the RG Lindy was around in quantity, well for Hermes anyway. I was thinking of buying one and they actually had a few in that color to compare. They always seem to have Lindy's at the Ala Moana, HI Hermes. Last night they had a white.
  13. Do NOT pay 9K!!! They will be around - I think it's a bag that's here to stay and even though Rose Dragee is lovely - 4K just for color isn't worth it IMO. Hang loose, some of the people who snatched Lindy's up may end up regretting and selling, or just wait for one retail (you could almost get 2 for that crazy price!!).
  14. Hello bprime,
    Welcome :flowers:, from a "not-so-old-newbie" to another newbie. Wait and Patience. With Hermes is always about the Wait and Patience. That markup is way too much for a Lindy, you can buy another bag for that price. Be patient, go to the store and "remind" your SA that you are serious and you want that Lindy. And lastly have Faith, your dream lindy will find you. :flowers:

  15. Thank you PF. I will be having some quality time with my SA this Thursday. That is when she told me to come to view then new A/W scarves. At the time, I will also be reminding her about the Lindy. And you're right. There is a Zen to Hermes.