Please help a newbie with definitions?


Birkin or bust...
Aug 2, 2009
Hi all. May I trouble you guys to define some of your jargon please? I'm reading all these threads, and I don't understand a lot of your acronyms. I wish to be educated and elevated in my portable equity of knowledge in the luxury of Coach. Thanks in advance!
Also, am I allowed to ask for help in where to buy an item? You guys seem to know all the spots and something I WANT, NEED is from '05....:biggrin:

ex: FP, PCE, etc...



Feb 23, 2009
Welcome! TPF is a great place to be. There are a couple of helpful abbreviation threads, I'll try to find links and post them for you.

If you want a bag from '05, I think you'll have to look online, like ebay or bonanzle. Just make sure you post the auction in the Authenticate this Coach thread before you buy, so the experts there can tell you if it's a real Coach.


Mar 25, 2009
Shoreline, WA
What did you want form 05? A lot of Tpfer are willing to help

FP= Full Price
PCE = Post Card Event???
KWIM - know what I mean
ita- I too Agree
hG- Holy Grail
DB= Dear Boyfriend ( for me it would be dumb/dizzy boyfriend)
DH= dear husband

I think there thread on here somewhere let me look it up


Birkin or bust...
Aug 2, 2009
Thanks for the help. I'm fine with normal, non-coach related abreviations...the other ones, not so much.

I am looking for that gorgeous blue shearling tote.
All help welcome. I just wanted to ask so I didn't violate any I have to figure out how to add pics, avatars, etc...

Thanks for the welcome!