Please help a newbie to Balenciaga! Leather and colour.

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  1. #1 Mar 29, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
    Hi everyone :flowers:

    I want my first Balenciaga bag to be a Velo as I need the cross body option. However, I am totally stumped on the colour. I was originally gonna go for Gris Pyrite but thinking about it further, maybe black is the better option? I already have a black bag by another designer which is why I thought I should get the Gris Pyrite, but to be honest, I rarely use it as it's just not big enough as an everyday bag. So .... as I don't have an everyday black bag, should I just get the Velo in black then, instead of the Gris Pyrite - would the black be more versatile and classic?

    Also, I've read quite a bit about leather quality with Balenciaga but still am confused! - how is the leather on the S/S14 classic black and Gris pyrite? I won't be a situation to choose from a selection of Bbags as I need to order from since my local Bal stockist is a department store and they never seem to have the Velo in stock and their selection tends to be quite small too :sad:

    Finally, what is everybody's experience of purchasing off - are there any issues? Any leather quality variations like in the stores? Probably a dumb question but I noticed that it is actually Yoox that operate the website - who are they? I assume is the official Bal website?! I got a little worried when I saw the contact details were for Yoox Group rather than Balenciaga - are they a third party who do the website for them?

    Thanks so much :flowers:
  2. Bumpity bump, all advice appreciated! :smile:
  3. I can't comment on the leathers for 2014, but, in my experience, the two leathers I have gotten from Balenciaga's website (both coin purses) have been fairly dry. Perhaps may just be the nature of the leather of coin purses themselves, but I have had significantly better luck in getting great leathers from a Bal SA. If you are undecided between colors and would like to see more options, I would recommend contacting an SA. I work with Mayra at Bal LV in Caesar's, and she is fabulous. She is more than willing to send you any and all photos of the actual bag you would be receiving in order to make your decision easier. If you wanted to get ahold of her, look up the email address for Bal LV at Caesar's on Bal's website and put Attn: Mayra in the subject line (I don't think I can post an email address here). I'm sure she'd be able to help you out!

    That being said, if I had to only have one Bal, I'd either go with black or a dark gray (Anthracite). For myself, I probably wouldn't choose Gris Pyrite just because it is so light and I am not easy on my bags. I think black would be a fantastic and classic choice, though. :smile: