Please help a Newbie - Paris Bombay sizes


Jul 19, 2009
I have been looking and looking for my dream bag - and thanks to this forum, I think I have found it and it's the Paris Bombay.
HOWEVER. I am an Hermes newbie and my SA, although sweet, is very much of the "you'll have what I give you" school. I realise that this is the way it is to an extent, but not to the point where I don't LOVE it any more.
She tells me that there are 3 sizes of PB. She has shown me two. The small one is very small, presumably the 27cm. Then there is a big one,I mean big, I'm thinking maybe it looks too big. It looks a bit like a big version of the JPG Birkin. She says the third size is even smaller and there is nothing in between.
Is this true? Can anyone advise on PB sizes? I would really like something in between the two. I have looked at the reference threads and can't really find anything.
And if the SA is not telling me the truth, what do I do?
Any and all advice appreciated.Thanks in advance.
May 8, 2009
I've only seen 3 sizes IRL - 40cm; 35cm; 27cm. If they had another size even smaller than 27cm, then it might be mini PB, but neither had I seem it IRL nor enquired about it.

Good Luck!


Dec 15, 2008
In H land
The size which can be carried on the shoulder is 37 cm and is also referred to as the Paris-Bombay shoulder bag. Its more of a tote. Good luck, the PB is a great bag in any size!