Please Help a Newbie Decide

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  1. Hi everyone, i'm usually over on the LV or Gucci forum but have been lurking here for the past few months. Well, i'm finally caving and have decided to buy my 1st bbag! It will probably be my only bbag purchase (at least for a long while) so I want to make sure I make the right decision so I won't regret it later on & not use it.

    I know I want either the city or part time but I can't decide on which color: Raisin, Galet or Black?

    I want something that will go with everything in my wardrobe and can be used year round. I already have a black Gucci canvas bag but not a black leather. I also love purple, it's my favorite color but i'm worried the Raisin is more of a trend, whereas black is classic. Or should I pick Galet, a nice neutral shade?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback/suggestions and sorry for the long post.
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    I would suggest getting either a black ggh (just because you don't have a leather black bag) or galet gsh pt. They are both great neutrals.

    The PT is the only one that has double straps that fits over my shoulder and I am almost 5'6 and about a size 10/12, so if you are smaller than I am, I am sure you will have no problems fitting the straps over your shoulder.

    Good luck with your decision, can't wait to see pics of what you decide on.
  3. I would have to say you should get a galet ggh. Very neutral and goes with almost anything.
  5. I agree...if you already have a black bag and want another neutral color, galet is just gorgeous.....I would get a City for starters. It seems to be the most popular Bal style especiallly for your first Bbag. GL deciding and let us know what you pick!
  6. If you already have a purple gucci , I'd say get a black bbag
  7. Hi, welcome!
    I LOVE raisin colour but galet is more neutral...
    I would exclude black because, in my opinion, bbgas are nicer in other colours.
    If your wardrobe is ok with raisin, I say "purchase it!" :biggrin:
    Otherway, galet!
  8. I would say galet, sice you allready have a black bag. Good luck on your descision!
  9. Galet is a gorgeous grey! :biggrin: I think leave the black for the second bbag :graucho:
  10. If you really think you will only get one Bbag (:roflmfao:) then I think you should go for the classic, a black City RH.
  11. I agree with Livia1, go for the classic black city with RH. It is pretty roomy, you will be surprised how much you can fit in the bag!
  12. A black RH City is SUCH a beautiful's one purchase you'll never regret. But, if you really don't want another black bag, I would suggest going for Galet - it's a really gorgeous taupe-y grey... very pretty.
  13. Thanks for all the replies! Hopefully, Holts will have the Fall collection in when I go check it out next week. The Holts in my area has a pretty crappy Bbag selection :sad:
  14. Get the Galet City, its a nice neutral.
    Good luck.
  15. I would go for galet or raisin. You can get black any time, it's always available. I personally favor galet over raisin, but look over all the photos people have posted to get a good sense of the colors. I think you can wear any of the colors year round.

    Good luck with your selection!