Please help a new tokidoki fans

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  1. Just wondering if someone can help me locate and purchase foresta zucca. Will need help to post to Australia (They don't sell it here :crybaby: ). Will pay all the fees of course.....Please PM me. TIA
  2. I think South Hampton outlet has some left.
  3. they don't :crybaby:i was told non of the lesportsac outlets got any foresta or citta rosa (or was it citta? i don't remember).

    foresta zuccas are impossible to find, if you do- let me know, i'm looking for one too.
  4. yeah for some reason forestas are often MIA... same with zuccas in general...
  5. zuccas seem to be the elusive tokidoki style!!
  6. yeah the outlets dont have any more forestas :crybaby:
  7. I am in Australia and had a Paradiso Zucca from Seattle Outlets posted to my US mailbox is what I use and I use it a LOT!
  8. heeey that sounds good :nuts:
    how much does it cost? do you have to pay something every month or just per delivery?
  9. Yes I pay something like $80 a year, plus then I have to pay postage on top of that. They ship via DHL and I usually get a 50lb shipment for about $300, but thats HEAPS of stuff and is far cheaper than anything else. Plus I get it in 5 days! They box it all up and consolidate it, they are really good and have been using them for over 2 years now. I love that I can still buy stuff from the States!
  10. i checked it out, 100$ per year is a whole lot , i don't think i shop enough to justify the costs. :crybaby:

    which means i have to start shopping more. :amuse:
  11. Yes but take the ? off...
  12. My cousin has a zucca foresta its hott!!!!!
  13. i would love a foresta zucca as well. yes, the zucca is pretty hot on the general want list, as is the foresta print.
  14. doesnt anyone here have a foresta zucca they want to share?? I want to see pics heheh