Please Help A Lost Husband

  1. Yes, and yes.:smile:
  2. Yeah, this looks real. Right off the bat they are asking $500 more than it goes for. It retails for $1795.
  3. Yes, that is a baby Coco Cabas bag.

    It looks authentic to me.
  4. In the future, please only ask authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
    I'm not closing this since there's another topic involved ;)
  5. Good call Swank! You are sure a nice hubby!!
  6. Its real....GOOD HUBBY! we are proud to have you ask us!!!
  7. you are such a sweet hubby....
  8. YOU deserve a place in the Husband Hall Of Fame.
  9. tres sweet!:heart:
  10. pretty please:tender:
  11. I'm sorry, I have now posted it correctly in the Authenticate This area.
  12. awesome! Thanks! Like to keep everything fair and consistent ;)
    Good luck w/ your search!:yes:
  13. where is the husband hall of fame? we should have one!