Please help a Jimmy Choo virgin!

  1. I've been on tPF for awhile but it's my first time posting here. I have lusted after Jimmy Choo bags forever. I've finally (I think) convinced my husband I really need one for Christmas. My problem is this: which style is your favorite and why? Which would you recommend as a first JC bag? Any particular color? I don't think I've ever seen one I don't like! Any input would be appreciated! TIA!:confused1:
  2. Do you carry a lot? Do you like small or large bags? Are you looking for a shoulder bag or more of a satchel? What color will you get the most wear from?

    My first Choo bag was the Slick Calf Ramona in Red. See: .

    I love red bags and wear it often. To me, red is a year round color. My favorite bag is a shoulder bag. I also like larger bags. I am a larger person than many of you, and a bigger bag just looks better balanced. I do not carry that much. The Ramona is easy for me to get in and out of. That would be my recommendation. However the Mahala, Malena, and Riki are also great styles.

    The best thing to do is visit a shop that carries Choo and try them on. Perhaps you and the hubby can take a romantic trip to a city that has a Choo boutique. If you like Las Vegas, there are two there.
  3. ^^ Couldn't have said it better myself!

    It really is such a personal choice. Even in our relatively small group we all have such diverse tastes. :girlsigh:

    My personal favorite bag is the Riki in any way, shape or form. :heart: I just really love the size....for me. But I think most Choo lovers prefer the Ramona over the Riki. The Mahala is a huge favorite as well (the color choices are spectacular in that bag). I'm waiting on a Ring bag so who knows....maybe that will be a new favorite of mine.

    I think it just comes down to personal choice, color preference, size, etc. The BEST place to start though is in the sub-form with members posting photos of their bags or wearing them. That was what sucked me in and made my first choice an easy one! :tup:
  4. Speaking of sub-forums. We are still getting a reference library, so say Vlad and Megs. I know it has been one month since I mentioned their approval. But, they did recently promise me it would happen as soon as things calm down with servers and other maintenance. :yes:
  5. I personally like the Riki size better than the Ramona. The nice thing about Choo is they make some of their bags in different sizes. The Mahala/Maddy has been a popular style and has a kind of edgy look. They make some great clutches as well. They will be having their winter /fall sale soon so you may want to wait. As soon as it starts this forum will light up so stay tuned! Go to to get a look at what they have out now, but be careful...this designer is extremely addicting!!!:drool: I now have 11 Choo bags and one on the way!:choochoo:
  6. Wo Hoh! :woohoo:Finally a sale is coming!:nuts: :drool: I'm eyeing the purple Mahala and the Electric Blue Maddy.:girlsigh: Hope they'll be on sale. Will it be a pre-christmas or post-christmas sale? Wonder if the boutiques will be having sale too?:s
  7. please do tell!!!!:wlae:
  8. I, too, am a Jimmy Choo virgin! Just yesterday I bought my very first one and absolutely love it! I recently was in Beverly Hills shopping (on vacation) and I saw a gal with a champagne gold bag and just died to have it. I looked in every store for it and to no avail. I came back to Atlanta and looked some more and couldn't find it. Even went into a Jimmy Choo store in an upscale mall here and they didn't know which one it was and didn't have it anyhow.

    Yesterday I was strolling through Sak's and there it was!!! A brushed gold Riki!! I think the one the gal in BH had was a Ramona which was a little larger, but this Riki is fine for me as I am not a large girl...(but not small either, LOL) I think the Ramona would be too heavy for me even if I had found it instead of the Riki. So now I am a Jimmy Choo lover.

    Just go with what you love. Do you want a metallic or a leather and you can't beat a neutral color. Just find the one that makes your heart flutter! This one does that to me. Good luck on your decision and let us know which one you decide on. You can't go wrong with any of them as they are super quality. :okay:
  9. ^^ A Riki! Ahhh...t'was love at first sight for me as well, except my "must-have" first Choo was the burgundy biker Riki. :heart: I also have the wet look blue Riki which is another stunning bag (thanks to Miss Robyn)! :love: And a black Ramona, and a Ring bag on the way, and....who knows what will be next! :p

    The metallics are so pretty....congratulations on your first Choo and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of you in the coming weeks and months as the sales begin! ;)
  10. Thanks for your input ladies! I'm kind of a in-between kind of gal...I don't usually carry itty bitty purses unless I'm out at night. But, I really don't like the Mary Kate Olsen look either. I usually like a medium to slightly big bag where I can carry all my usual stuff as well as my kids' sippy cups (if I absolutely have to carry those in my purse!). I like shoulder bags but find myself carrying more and more satchels. And I love all these JC colors! I don't do too well when I have too much variety! I want them all.
  11. I have the Jimmy Choo Ring bag in Black & Nude, both with watersnake. They are gorgeous, are shoulder bags in a great size, without being tooooo big, and are very lightweight.

    I also have the Malena satchel in both Black & Plum Patent. Both are gorgeous, lightweight, fit over the shoulder, and can be handheld as well. Very classy. I have the medium size, which is perfectly fine for a daily bag, but there is a large size too, which is sort of humongous!
  12. ^^ That's so funny! Because I was going to suggest those same two bags to purseinsanity as possibly being ideal for her (due to the sippy cups ;)), but since I don't yet have my Ring bag to be sure of the size, and the name of the Malena escaped me, I didn't want to confuse her. It's great that you have both bags and could describe them!

    Also, thanks for your description of the Ring bag....I can not WAIT to get mine this week (black biker/watersnake trim) and knowing that you have 2 of them makes me think it must surely be a great bag! It must be love when we buy several of the same style, I have 2 Rikis and would easily buy many more! :heart: But I think it (the Riki) would be too small for purseinsanity, while I think the Ramona would be too big if you're not a fan of larger bags.

    The Radiant is also a lovely bag and is in-between the Riki and the Ramona size-wise. Jburgh has posted photos of hers and it is tdf! :love:
  13. Nope...not me! That was jmcadon. Are you TRYING to be an enabler or does it come naturally, LOL? Or did you have a premonition? :confused1: Well, I ordered the Radiant last Thursday in Burgundy biker/snake. :tup:

    OK, since you have tapped into the Choo prophecies...which one is next for me? :graucho:
  14. DOH! :push: I KNEW I was going to get it wrong! I knew one of you had it, I should have checked to be sure before I named names! :p

    You're getting a Radiant? If I didn't have the burgundy Riki I would definitely have gone for the Radiant....I can't wait to see your photos! :girlsigh:

    And what is next for you? Hmmm.....lemme think....wait, I'm getting something....I see The Mertz's boarding an airplane in a faraway land holding not one, but TWO sneaky snake Python Mahalas and one of them has YOUR name on it!

    Uh, oh....Mrs. Mertz apparently had to get Mr. Mertz a bit tipsy to get him to agree to hand carry said Python Mahala on board the plane. :drinkup:

    Things are getting a bit fuzzy now, but it looks a bit like this between Mr. and Mrs. Mertz after Mr. Mertz was cut off! :bagslap:

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Stinker, Stinker, Stinker..........

    Actually, Mr.Mertz was going to be left at home if he did not get off his crutches and get his butt moving:cursing:

    There was NO way I was hauling 2 suitcases, crutches and a gimpy husband through various airport security checkpoints and customs while trying to keep my eyes on those "Sneaky Snake" bags::hs:

    Fortunately, DH is doing much better (must have been those threats of leaving him at home and no :drinks:) and we are frantically trying to get everything in order for next week:party: