Please help a clueless man with a fancy handbag!

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  1. Hi gravy!
    First of all, take lots of pics. Secondly, you might list it as a Gallery item. Make sure you give the details of how the bag was purchased and by whom, along with a close up of the clasp, which is sterling..and if I remember right, has the Ralph Lauren Sterling stamps engraved on the clasp...
    Also, you might want to make sure that you describe the item as Vintage RL, from the original Ralph Lauren line...there are many vintage Ralph Lauren collectors out there who only want items that are prior to 95-96.
    The bag is rare and I'm sure there will be interest in it. Especially since it's alligator/crocodile. Good luck with the auction!!
  2. Wow Gravy! that clutch is stunning. The advice the other ladies have given you is very good...good luck with the sale!
  3. That clutch is very pretty. Let us know how everything goes.
  4. Haha, I am just about to give you some advice but before I do so you must repeat with me....

    Yes, certain Lauren bags are exclusive collection bags and very expensive. I personally sold one Ricky version that went quickly past $3k about two years ago. For your bag, I would set up a listing the traditional auction-style way with a reserve. Another option would be Fixed listing with best offer option.

    Lets start with your title. My suggestion:
    Ralph Lauren Black $4.8K Alligator Oversized Envelope Clutch Bag

    Make certain you fill out the item specifics section because all searches look through those as well.

    Description: mention the brand (yes, again), style (envelope clutch), dimensions, skin, collection (if known), year, condition (very important!), color, hardware, extras included (dust bag, box, copy of receipt, etc) and lastly its suggested retail price (originally $4,800). The part about the clutch bag being oversized should be emphasized as oversized clutches are currently a HOT thing at the moment. You can also mention a brief little history about how you came upon this beauty... mom used to work for RL ... that pretty much would suffice.

    Then don't forget the usual blah blah blah terms, whether you'll accept returns, what forms of payment are acceptable, etc. If you accept Paypal, ship to USA destinations only and to CONFIRMED addresses only. You will need Signature Confirmation for Paypal. Outside of the USA, I recommend Bank Transfer option. Also always always insure. Weigh everything out and get an estimated flat S/H rate or simply select weight by destination which automatically adds the estimated shipping to the prospective bidders by location. DO NOT ACCEPT any bidders who ask you to send the bag somewhere else other than the Confirmed address on Paypal.

    Lastly, the most important thing of all, PICS, post as many as possible, every angle, label, hardware, zippers, interior, etc.

    Ok, now go tell all your male friends about us, cause if I can say so again....
    :tpfrox: :roflmfao:
  5. Thanks for the info ladies! I didn't know that RL bags can cost so much!!!

    GravyBoat - GL with your auction and be extra careful/cautious since your bag is a very high ticket item.
  6. There should be a tag inside that should describe the skin, if not, in your box label I see there is some sort of item number which you can call Lauren's 1-800 and see if they can give you some information related to your bag.

    Alligator and/or Croc are both desirable. But alligator skins is more expensive because they are classified as endangered species and rare in many parts of the word.
  7. Good gravy, Gravy boat, what a gem of a clutch!!!! I came to offer my advice but these ladies have you fixed right up!!!
    Good luck and please let us know how it goes!
  8. Good Luck selling that awesome clutch, Gravy!!:tup:
  9. :wtf: Stunning...I had no idea RL carried these high ticket items. Like someone said earlier....clutches are IN right now and that one is TDF. Great time to sell! GL and let us know what happens! :yes:
  11. Make sure people pay with confirmed Pay Pal address and send clutch with security tag.
    Good luck
  12. hi i like it a lot great for the working woman like a kinda breif case? or am i totally mad!!!
  13. I really think you'll be better off having a consignment store take care of things.

    They're both pretty good at reaching out to the kind of buyers that would spend $4K on a bag.

    With your lack of feedback history in designer handbags/fashion, you might not get the amount your mother-in-law wants for the bag on Ebay, plus all the associated fees can be astronomical!

    Good luck!
  14. I actually agree about going the consignment route. With the fees and the hassle and the worry about scams associated with Ebay, having a consignment place take care of everything might really be worth it.

    I would think you would be able to sell it for the full original price, because it is such a classic piece in a real luxury exotic skin. Also, oversized clutches are so in style right now. Does anyone else think he might be able to try marking *up* the original price a bit? ... Maybe at least enough to cover the consignment expenses. I mean gosh, there are two croco bags on the Ralph Lauren website right now going for 15-16k.

    Good luck with it and I hope you get a little cut of the money for your trouble :smile:
  15. i would go the consignment route because on Ebay you probably wont the the amount you should for it.
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