Please help a clueless man with a fancy handbag!

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  1. Hi. I'm not a purse enthusiast; just a normal guy. My mother-in-law asked me to sell a very expensive (by my standards) handbag for her on eBay. The trouble is she knows little about eBay, and I know absolutely zero about handbags. I was doing a little research and came across this excellent site. I was hoping you might be willing to give me some advice. (Please don't tell my friends that I am now a registered user on "The Purse Forum"!)

    I want to be respectful of your guidelines against posting items for sale here, so I'll give you some high level info. I'd be glad to provide further details if it's OK. The bag is a Ralph Lauren (is that even considered a real "designer" here?), and has a price tag of $4000. It's got all the original tags, packaging, etc., and has never been used. My mother-in-law works at a Ralph Lauren outlet and purchased the bag quite a few years ago at a steep, employee only discount. I'm confident that the bag is authentic.

    I've been doing some reading on this forum and have gathered that it can be a hassle to sell on eBay, especially if you're not an established seller of this type of merchandise. I have 29 feedbacks, 100% positive, but unfortunately, have not sold any women's fashion accessories.

    Would you recommend that I try listing on eBay? My concern is that I would not be taken seriously as a seller because of my lack of experience, and my mother-in-law story above, and therefore not get top dollar for the item. Would you ladies trust a seller like me for this kind of purchase?

    Also, is the Ralph Lauren suggested retail price a reasonable indicator of what the item would sell for, or are they typically discounted? The item is no longer sold, and hasn't been for I'd guess about 5-10 years. Would the value have increased? (Again, I can provide more details, or even pictures, if that helps.)

    Any advice regarding the best way for me to sell this item would be appreciated.

  2. which ralph lauren bag is it? do you know what skin? that might give you a better idea in terms of what price you can get for it.

    from what i've read on this forum (and what i look for on ebay), lots of close up, in focus pictures of the details of the bag (zipper pulls, that sort of thing) seems to be what people look for to confirm authenticity. along with long shots of the bag to show proportions of the bag.

    i'm sure that the other members (who are the ebay experts) will have lots more to say but thats just a bit to get you started.
  3. A $4K Ralph Lauren??? Is it an exotic skin? IDK much about Ralph Lauren bags.....If you're hesitant about listing it on ebay, I'd suggest going to a high-end consigment store.
  4. Welcome to the PF! Can you post pics of it for us here?
  5. I have never heard of a 5-10 year old RL bag costing that much! Can you post pictures??
  6. Thanks for the responses. It's real black alligator skin. It's flat, and shaped like a large envelope. It measures about 10.5 by 14.5 inches. It has a nice metal clasp on the front.

    I nearly fell off my chair when she showed me the price tag, but as I mentioned, I'm clueless, and had no idea that this level of luxury existed. I did a little research on the internet, and the price doesn't seem out of line based on the asking prices for similar items.

    Would pictures help? I could take some, but I didn't want this to be interpreted as a "for sale" ad.

    Thanks again!
  7. posting pictures isn't listing the bag for sale ;)

    let's see!!!
  8. I'm working on the pictures now. Stay tuned!

    Also, I just spoke with my mother-in-law. It might be crocodile, not alligator. How can I tell? Is one more desirable than the other?
  9. Ok. The pictures are posted at:

    I just set up this Picasa account, so please let me know if it isn't working.

    I was wrong about the asking price on the tag. It's actually $4800!
  10. a close up of the lock/clatch would be helpful along with some interior shots... the lining, stiching, that sort of thing.
  11. Wow...the only RL bags I have seen are the canvas ones at TJ Maxx! That is a pretty clutch. I would suggest you take very good pictures, and lots of them...make sure that you get a picture of the tag as well. Just be as clear with your description as possible and make sure to say that it is in fact genuine alligator/crocodile...whatever it is!
  12. Oversize clutches are VERY in right now so I would say go for it and strike whilst the iron is hot, because this isnt a commonly seen style I would include words such as oversize and clutch in the searchable description as I gather by the other comments I am not the only bag fan who is not aware of Ralph Laurens exotics.