please help a Chanel newbie

  1. Okay here is my problem-

    I really want a cambon tote (preferably black with white CCs, but I also like the pink), but I don't know the first thing about the bag other than it looks amazing. What are the different sizes/prices? I am 5ft 10 inches, so what size would work best? Also, are there any known reputable sellers on ebay or should I go the boutique route? I must admit that the Chanel SAs in my area (NJ- Short Hills Mall) seem so snooty (more than Hermes) so I am a little intimidated.

    Any advice and info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. You are tall so I would recommend the large tote. I'm 5"6 and the large tote is perfect for me. I can wear it over my shoulder with no problems. The medium can be difficult to wear over the shoulder...if you want a shoulder bag.
    I prefer to buy my Chanel's at the boutique. I just don't know that many reputable sellers and there not always that much cheaper.
    I go to short hills also and the SA's I've dealt with have been pretty nice. But, have you tried the chanel boutique in Neiman Marcus? I haven't bought anything from their boutique, but the SA's might be more friendly.
    Good luck and if you decide on the'll love it!;)
  3. I'd recommend the Chanel boutique at Neiman's first and then check out the store for your first Chanel purchase. I would also recommend that you buy the large tote because you are tall (lucky you!!!!)
  4. Ask for Heidi at Short Hills
  5. thanks everyone! Is Heidi at NM or at the Chanel boutique? Also, does anyone know the price of the large tote?

    thanks again!
  6. I believe the large tote is in the upper $1400's..
    For your height def. get the large tote, the medium will look tiny on you..

    Hope you get the bag!
  7. I am 5'8" and have a medium. I WISH I got the large but they didn't have it at the time.
    When I put it on my shoulder (which is NOT very comfortable and I don't do it often) it looks like this:
  8. Paul at the Chanel boutique in short hills is also nice.