PLEASE HELP!!! A calling to Galliera Owners

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  1. Hello,
    Is the buckle on the Galliera GM supposed to be stamped? I just purchased my Galliera today at an LV store, but to my surprised the buckle isn't stamped unlike the pictures in the LV site!
  2. What buckle are you talking about?
  3. The buckle on the shoulder strap...
  4. nope, mine isn't either....
  5. The part with the magnetic closure is the part that's supposed to be stamped.

    ETA: Sorry, misunderstood your post. I somehow thought you meant strap. Are you sure it isn't another piece of hardware?

    ETA #2: Are you looking for something like this?

  6. Thanks, but if you look on their site it is stamped!!! I am freaking out! Because eventhough I bought it at the store I couldn't help but think I got a defective one or that somehow someone returned a fake one and I happened to get it! I know I am a little crazy! This is actually my first LV monogram bag.
    Mine was made in the USA...
    Thanks so much now I can sleep...
  7. No...if you got it from the store, you should be fine...
  8. Yes, the buckle on the shoulder strap is stamped on the sides just like the rings on the picture above. If you go to the LV site you can see it. I'll try to post a picture.

    Thanks, I know it should be fine. I guess I am a worrier. I was expecting the buckle to be that way. I really do not want to take it back!
  9. mine is made in USA also...... and trust me, mine is real and it does NOT have stamps on the buckle!!!

    congrats on your new bag!! the bestest mono bag i've ever owned!!!!:yes::heart:
  10. hey rmm, i just noticed, we've been here since Jun 2006 together!!! yay for us~!! :yahoo::heart::heart::heart:
  11. rmm, then are yours stamp on the buckle which karman posted the pic?
  12. LOL Sophia618!! Thanks for everything, I was a little worried!
  13. Is that black marking the tarnishing from the hardware? Gosh, I was worried about my tops making a bleeding onto the vachetta in that spot.
  14. Yes!! that's what it shows on the site on the buckle...
  15. there was once when i wore a green color blouse and the green color dyed onto the cowhide leather.