Please help a Bbag Newbie! Combo cloth/leather City?

  1. Hi ladies! I would love opinions....i have a lilac Twiggy and am contemplating my 2nd Bbag....have always wanted a City....and.saw a City on sale today, at Saks, for under $600 (with the extra 30% off the sale price - was originally $1195).....she, however, is the linen-looking cloth with emerald green leather trim...i really like her alot and may even love her :girlsigh: and live in Florida so this type of bag can be carried year-round here. My dilemma is, though, that since she isnt that gorgeous squishy veiny leather all over, will it seem like I "settled" for a "semi" Bbag? I mean, do you think I will feel eventually unfulfilled because she isnt that exquisite expanse of all leather? Will I come to dislike her? Poor baby, its not her fault she wasnt born leather all over......and she needs a mommy, instead of sitting on a table with all the other sale bags waiting for moms
  2. Hi girlie, i saw a Linen PT bag at NM last week with Turffle triming and i was so tempted to purchase her (it looked so pretty) but then i thought the Linen will pick up dirt and might not hold up as well as the leather ones. :sad:So i say hunt for your next Bbag with a yummy and delicious leather. :yahoo:Good luck! :heart:
  3. thank you Nanaz! you're probably right...but she wouldnt be an everyday bag, as i have so many,,,and am a bit of a collector.............and if she is treated first with Scotchguard, wouldnt that help?
    ohhh its so hard and tempting!

    btw, is she called a Parttime ?
  4. $1195 must be the City style.:yes: The one i saw at my NM was the PT. It is little longer and and shorter than the City. May be you are right if you scotchguard it, it will hold up better.:tup: The price is tempting though.:nuts:
  5. I think that if you re-read your thread you'll discover the real reason why would you go back to Saks to buy her - because you fear she'll be neglected and also that she was so discounted from the sale!

    If it was truly love at first site or "worth" the sale you would already have snatched her up and posted her photos on the site for us to ogle.

    I know this feeling. I've been victim to it many times before. Don't do it! Your wallet will thank you for it.:yes:
  6. yes i think you are right................i am pouting a bit now, :sad:but really must buy an all wallet will thank me..................
    i must locate that scrumptious seafoam green............

    or emerald
    then i will be a prouder mommy than if had adopted the cloth babygirl
  7. I bought a black linen first with chocolate brown accents (don't know the Bal color name). It's really cute and so far is holding up quite nicely. I rather like the two-toned look it has. Of course now I want even more :drool: but I'm trying to be good. For now. Haha!
  8. I know exactly which linen bag you're talking about. I couldn't resist getting its sister--just love the natural & rouge vermillion combination! Here's mine:

  9. OMG~ I want this same combo in the PT!!! I love that bag!!! Please post a picture if you can!!!
  10. I say get it if you want it!!!
  11. here's mine for a little "inspiration!" :smile:

    i really liked this combo when i first saw it but didn't want to pay that much for a linen bag when it was the same price as the full leather. i think it's a great bag for summer. you're right though, it's not a "rough it" kind of bag. good luck deciding!!

    linen/french blue part time.

    i do love the vert gazon too! :smile:
  12. Gosh! The french blue combination is so lovely! Pity it was sold out long ago at the Balenciaga store here. :sad: