Please help 3Phantom choices(Stamp Croc,Suede or Palmelato leather)

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Which Phanton do you like best

  1. Large red Suede

  2. Stamp Croc

  3. Palmelato Leather

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which Phatom would you choose and why

    Phantom in Palmelato Leather
    Small Phantom Stamp Croc and
    Phantom Suede in Large size
    celine bags 10.jpg celine bags 09.jpg ales2.jpg kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-enjoy-paris-with-a-celine-phantom-luggage-tote-003.jpg cameron-diaz-posed-as-terry-richardson-01.jpg cameron-diaz-posed-as-terry-richardson-02.jpg
  2. I would personally choose the phantom in palmelato leather. I'm not a fan of the all suede phantom-dont like the look & large is just a huge size. The black croc is gorgeous but the palmelato leather is just TDF! So beautiful.
  3. Not a fan of the suede. It's just too much fuzz.

    I voted for the stamped croc because it's classic with a fun/different edge. The palmelato is a great choice too if you don't want another black bag, but want a neutral.
  4. i actually like the suede, but i would have a hard time with the large - the smaller size is already pretty big.

    i have stamped croc in black, but voted for palmelato...that caramel/brown color is just too gorgeous
  5. Stamped Croc has my vote. It is classic, elegant and easy to maintain.
  6. I don't have any of the three, so my vote not by my experience, it is just my favorite

    I voted for the Phantom in Palmelato Leather

    Good luck :smile:
  7. Totally would go for Palmelato Leather. Simply stunning and easy to wear!

    Let us know what you pick at the end. ;);)
  8. another vote for stamp croc!
  9. I like stamp croc & palmelato. both of them look so gorgeous!
  10. Palmelato for that magical sheen. Suede is difficult to maintain. Stamped croc is cool but more rugged IMHO. Works best with the jeans and blazer look.
  11. I love the croc stamp. It's classic and stunning!
  12. croc
  13. Palmelato! But only bc the colour is amazinnggg :heart:
  14. I have all three fabrications in the Large Phantom. The Stamped Croc is the most carefree for me! Good luck in making your decision!
  15. I personally do not like suede or the color red :-s Definitely the black stamped croc for me :P