please help:0 reissue ss 08

  1. please help, i can only get 1 reissue ss 08:confused1: which 1 should i get? dark red or metallic purple?:crybaby: thank you very much....
  2. tough decision... what size are you getting?
  3. it's really tough.... a 227. thanks.
  4. I'd go the dark red, personally... jeeez it's a tough call. What will you be wearing with it mostly?
  5. Tell us what other bags you have and generally what colours you like. I am sure the girls here will be more than happy to give you suggestions!
  6. I vote for purple
  7. Dark Red gets my vote....
  8. hi! if you don't have other bags with gold h/w or in red colour ,get the red!
    it's far more classy IMO although I like purple a lot too!
  9. :smile: I only have few pieces;) i have the black classic flap (caviar) jumbo GH, pink 2.55 medium GH and white classic flap SH.
  10. thanks a lot for your replies, really appreciate it. my first choice was the red but when i saw the picture of metallic purple then it made me crazy...:smile: hard when you only have to choose 1.
  11. Hmm, I might be in the minority, but I don't love the dark red metallic reissue with the gold hardware (not because of the gold h/w, but I just don't care for the dark red metallic shade). :smile: I prefer the '07 caviar red, or my ultimate red, the '05. I think the dark purple is stunning, and would be a great addition to your collection. :love: Maybe you can get both and return one after trying them on (if that's possible)? :idea: I'd say, get the bag makes you feel faint hehe... you can't go wrong with that line of reasoning haha. :nuts: ;)
  12. i would go for the darker shade for an every day bag i vote for purple
  13. I have just got the purple metallic in 227, and it's a beautiful colour. I think it's more eye-catching than the dark red, so go for the purple!
  14. purple is the "in" colour this season, red is more ever-lasting.. depending on what you want it for.. for me, i would go for the purple cos i havent got anything in this colour...
  15. i have dark silver 226 and now i have same tough decision, which colours and which size should i go ...