Please give your opinions if you own an In The Mix bag

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  1. Hi I was going to buy a gorgeous black/anthracite bag Pre owned but someone beat me to it but I have managed to find a large & small brand new in a Chanel boutique so they must be old stock from last year..... The large is a dark tan & the SA said the smaller is lighter so I have no idea what colour it is because the SA only sent me a pic of the large.

    If anyone owns one of these bags I would really appreciate your opinions on how you find the bag & what size is the best size in this design, the large is pretty big going by the dimensions so I'm not sure if its going to be too big. TIA
  2. I have the large size of the black/anthracite (which is really black but looks lighter due to the material) to which you're referring which I absolutely love. Not sure if you're in the US, but that style was released again this year and is currently available in boutiques: A49683 Y06829 94305.

    Large is perfect for me due to its versatility, I've even used it as a briefcase. It's great with barely anything in it or chockfull. It looks best when the interior is chained in my opinion (so that the sides recess). It's a very chic bag that looks great dressed up/down (can be worn on the shoulder or arm).

    There's a thread about this from when bag was originally released which may help you with deciding on a size:
  3. Hi thanks for commenting.....the one I was originally going to buy pre owned was anthracite & black but I've managed to find a small cream which I think is way too light & also a khaki large & that's in a boutique in the UK but I've been told that Chanel are releasing it in January so I might wait until I can get a darker colour......the khaki looks a bit too light & I think I would be too worried about colour transfer :smile: