Please give your opinion.....

  1. Ok, prior to going to the Coach Store to make my PCE purchase, I wanted to have a plan, be sold in knowing what I wanted. I had two bags I wanted. Signature Khaki/blk Med Carly and the black Leather GIGI. I ask a co-worker and we trouble shot and I decided on the Carly. Purchased her along with a few other things. (This was on Firday).

    I haven't even taken her out of the dust bag. I am so afraid of getting her dirty. I am actually thinking I need to return her and get the GIGI.

    Rational: GIGI would be a great work bag, black leather is very classy. I am traveling a lot for work and assessing patients daily at other facilities. The GIGI would allow me to carry the folders and chart information. I would use it as a tote. I would then try to find the Black Leather Legacy Shoulder Zip, the one with the two pockets in front. I love that bag, I did not get one before they were deleted. I feel like I could probably find a new one on e-bay.

    Anyway, I love the signature, and the carly. I just need something I am not afraid of getting dirty. I am in and out of my car many times a day. I also live on a dirt road, in the country.

    Ok, thanks for letting me rant, what do you think?:wtf:
  2. I think your logic is absolutely right on:tup: The GIGI would seem to be the best bag suited to your needs. It sounds like you have made a wise decision. I think you would resign Carly to closet shelf. Have you consider getting the shoulder bag in different color leather for variety? I love the Legacy shoulder tote also:heart:
  3. Yes, the Black Leather Gigi, without a doubt! Adding the Legacy Leather Shoulder bag is also a great idea.

    Enjoy your purchases!
  4. I agree - I like the black leather Gigi/black leather Shoulder Bag idea. I doing that same thing right now but with my black leather Shoulder Zip (without the pockets) and leather Satchel. It's not black overkill, either.

    As pretty as the Carly is, I think you'd either not wear it or baby it to death when you did wear it and you wouldn't very much enjoyment out of it.

    And, black Legacy leather ROCKS.
  5. Definitely get the bag that you can use without constantly worrying about it. For your situation, I think the Gigi would be your best choice.
  6. Definitely exchange. The leather GiGi sounds perfect for you! :tup: