please give ur feedback on this bag

  1. Do you like it? Would you wear it? If so then get it, if not don't just get it because it is a great deal because no matter how great the deal it won't be worth it. :yes:
  2. It's a very "classic" bag. If you'd use it, then it's worth it!
  3. Hmm.... IF you love it, I would say get it... But since you asked, I think its a big stuffy, (kind of old lady ish?) However, would probably look great with professional business attire. More importantly, what do YOU think of it?:smile:
  4. try calling Nordstrom!! I got that bag for half off the original $328 price tag, shipping is just $5!
  5. I have that bag and i love it! I use it when I go out. I wear jeans every day so it is a little too dressy for an everyday bag (IMO). But it is a classy bag!!! And...if you can get it at outlet prices then do it. I paid full price last year.
  6. I love this bag. I think it's great for every day and can be dressed up or down.
  7. I like it Summer. If you really like it i would get it.
  8. I like it!!
  9. ITA