please give opinions asap!

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  1. i decided last minute to go out with some friends for dinner in the city. i thru on a black shirt...dark jeans and a pair of black boots over it. very simple. not looking to get all dolled up but i don't know what clutch to use... which one of these should i use

    1. valentino leopard bow clutch
    2. jimmy choo marin clutch in champagne
    3. prada multi color clutch bag. (the one in the campaign with the red and pink and violet)

    please help
  2. prada multi for sure. sexxxxi. dark outfits SCREAM "flashy bag" to me.

    Prada Prada Prada!~
  3. :yahoo:
    youre the first to respond and i thank you for it. i was thinking that for sure as well.

    i'm being picked up at 9 on the dot. hah! horrid
  4. OK well that means you need you use the PRADA cuz i'm the only one that responded so far. what time is it there NOW cuz it's 9pm right now here!
  5. yes..and no one has rung my bell
  6. Love Love Jimmy Choo so guess which I vote for? Have fun.
  7. Between these 3, I agree...the Prada. Have fun, as I am stuck home with nothing to do tonight.
  8. well i searched that chanel bag you mentioned in your PM and i still think prada. what a POP of color, and with colors like that being carried around, SPRING better hurry it's ass up!
  9. another vote for prada..
  10. ladies i just wanted to say thank you for your input and i did go with the prada. i did get a compliment and about 6 girl groups whispering and looking at my bag. i'm glad i took her out for the evening. The only time she came out before was for Easter.

    good night.