Please give opinions and/or vote on these neckties

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  1. I would be grateful for your take on these tie patterns. Please give honest opinion and you can praise/blast them as much as you want. I am going to keep my view a secret :p for a moment to let the thread flow without any preconception. I am getting a different view from other people in my former profession which I totally do not agree with so I am wondering whether my preference or theirs is rubbish!

    The result may have an implication on whether I should give advice on fashion sense to another person in another thread or not, LOL.

    Anyway here are the ties:
  2. oooh i really want to see but the pic doesn't work! i don't think you can hotlink facebook images, you'll have to save it and upload it on imageshack or photobucket or something..

    are they really vile? :devil:
  3. I didn't know that but the facebook images are coming up for me. Who cares, I just copied the pic straight out.

    Anyway, here they are:

  4. i do that sometimes if i hotlink off another board, but it only works for the person logged in and then i get told off for it :lol:

    ok umm...

    -the far left one is really :yucky: i might have picked it out as wallpaper when i was six
    -the next one is pretty bad too
    -the purple one makes me think of priests for some reason
    -the last one looks like a magic eye pattern, and worringly like crochet :wtf:

    so i think i'd say bad :lol: my eyes are starting to hurt :wtf:
  5. TERRIBLE - really terrible. (even my baby started to cry - coincidence... I think NOT!! haha)

    (judging by your bag taste i'd say your former colleagues may be off!) :smile:
  6. No, they are way too bright.
  7. 1. Maybe. Some guys could probably carry it off

    2. No.

    3. No.

    4. No. Looks like something my grandpa would like.
  8. i agrree, #1 some guys can pull off. all the rest are really not that great.
  9. i seem to be the only one to think that #1 is the most disgusting out of them :lol: but that doesn't mean i like the other ones, i really really hate #1 :throwup:
  10. Well I don't like the ties - but I also know that men in the UK tend to be more daring in their shirt/tie combos than Americans. Well done right, I love how British men dress...I'd have to opine that these ties aren't British men at their best though....
  11. i kinda have problem seeing women in ties, it's kinda reminded me of avril lavigne which is a majow no no to me...
    but i've seen irina lazarenau wearing white shirt and black tight vest with a skinny black tie that looks great actually. but i guess because she had an androgny look that matched the outfit
  12. sorry. not caring for them.
  13. Hehe, thank you to every lady who confirmed my belief.:lol:

    Believe it or not, I got this from a forum where a few investment bankers get together to boast about their greatest deeds (I must say most of the time they talk like amateurs). To be honest, when I was reading what they were writing, they seem to have no humility - all claiming that they know it all and that all other professions suck. It is very funny to read them fight each other but I am thinking they need to look at their ties first, LOL.

    And believe it or not for the 2nd time, this is the venerable Italian brand of Ermenegildo Zegna. I have to make sure that every male person I know stays away from this brand then because I think this 'Cool Ice' collection is absolutely gross and apparently, reading from that forum, they cost £70 (~$140) each!

    Lastly, I am not sure whether I can say this because it is very nasty but I’ll say it anyway. I mailed it to one of my friend who is still in the industry. She blackberried back a really stinging comment: ‘That is why these oiks have to get ‘scored’ in strip clubs. No sane woman will look at the plebs wearing these ties. Did I forget to say that they will never make it over the analyst level?’ :sweatdrop:

    N.B. Oik is a British slang word for blue-collar workers and pleb has the Shakespearean root in the word plebian.

    You better not date investment bankers then; every single one of them was saying that No.1 is the best. I am imagining these guys probably use the whole tub of hair gel to get it all shiny and spiky like the salesman at your nearest Carphone Warehouse.

    Hehe, it's not all bad, LOL. I like to think I make sure my husband went out vaguely well dressed this morning. Notice I use the word make sure because what I choose, he MUST wear, LOL. I was in the mood to take a photo of him this morning but he just wouldn't let me, LOL so I'll show you what he wore this morning on a hanger instead. Actually since we will be moving to New York soon, is this combination to much for the Americans?

    N.B. Also my lousy ironing on the collar :sweatdrop:.

  14. For me, NO NO NO NO NO! the ties are far to stripey!
  15. believe it or not, i had no such plans to begin with :wtf: :lol:

    is this a private or public facebook group? i'm getting rather curious :devil: