Please give me your opinions on this BCBG Brown Satchel

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  1. Still searching for my dark brown bag! I saw this one but I have never bought or even touched a BCBG bag.

    If anyone knows about the quality of BCBG, Id love to hear some thoughts!

    I'd also love to hear whether you like the bag or not!

  2. Yuck. Looks like Tweety's Granny's bag.
  3. There was this AWESOME BCBG satchel a few seasons back.. it was a satchel.. and then on the sides it had 2 frames attached as pockets.. it's kind of hard to describe.. I'm gonna have to search for it... hm.

    But BCBG's quality is good. Comparable to Biasia, etc.
  4. ^oooh Luna, Id love to see a pic!
  5. more pics
    bcbg1.JPG bcbg2.JPG bcbg4.JPG bcbg5.JPG
  6. Not a big fan of BCBG bags in general but I've never seen this one... Anthropologie has some nice bags reasonably priced... You might check them out!
  7. This bag looks really plain and kind of drab, I don't really like it
  8. I think I'm with ginaf on this one, it's a little...uh...conservative looking? If it were in a more striking color it might look less granny and more retro hip, but if you're looking for a brown bag I think there are others that would be more loveable. I thought you got a brown Coach bag that you're in love with though?
  9. :nogood: no I wouldn't pick it...
  10. I see what you're going for, and I like the *idea* of the style of this bag, but somehow it doesn't work on this bag itself. If that makes any sense.
  11. gung, i'm sorry...i always LOVE your bags, but, not so much this one....

  12. LOL, hit or miss process, I tell ya!

  13. Hi! Thanks for your advice, I dont think I will end up buying the bag. I guess in my desperation, I was looking for anything! (almost)

    I do LOVVVVVE my coach bag, but IMO it is a light brown color, and I am still looking for a dark brown espresso colored bag :yes: