Please give me your opinions on this bag on Ebay

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  1. oooops - I am thinking of the middle (green) one
  2. I would post this here, and you will get more responses.

    It isn't my style but to me the leather looks fake, the stitching is doen by machine and overlaps, and the metal buckle looks heavily scratched. If doesn't look like a $300 bag at all to me.
  3. ^^^^ I agree...I would check some more on this bag before putting out 300.00.
  4. I'm not an expert on handbags like the others here....BUT, that looks like the handbags we got from our factories in China when I worked at Bioworld! Think, the handbags they sell at Spencer's Gifts and Hot Topic! :sad:

    Don't waste your money! :sad: