please give me your opinion! satin croco as first chanel bag?

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  1. hi guys, im thinking of buying a chanel satin croco as my first chanel bag.
    its a gorgeoussssssssss bag but im worried it wont get enough wear! since its satin. do u guys limit ur satins to night wear only what do u guys think? should i go ahead with the purchase? theres a good deal on ebay atm so time is of the essence!!! PLEASE HELP ME! all your opinions are greatly appreciated. THanks!x
  2. Just my 2 cents... I passed on a chanel croco satin on a saks sale because I read a couple forums here that mentioned it is very fragile. BTW I was getting a Jumbo for 888$ !! I felt like a fool after I let it go, but for my needs it wasnt the right choice.

    If you are going to carry it everyday I think you will have to be careful. A caviar would be more useful in that sense, especially as a First chanel. That way you can carry it around more often without worrying too much. But thats just my opinion and choice. Wait to see what someone who owns this bag says..
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  4. I would find a satin bag extremely limited to evening use. Its just not what I think of when I think of a Chanel bag. They are all so durable and last forever! Satin is a bit scary for me.
  5. sona - thanks for the links. they have totallyyyyyyy(ish) disuaded me from purchasing the satin. oh buts so gorgeous!!!
    thanks everyone!
    i would love to purchase the croco for $888. but it will never be that price here in australia. its sale price is still around 1600 USD for the medium size.
    one more silly question though. how structured are the satin bags? do they have as much support as the lambskins?
  6. LOL sorry If I did that. Its just that as my first bag too I dint want one Id worry about.. But if you love it you gotta have it, Go for it! Im not sure about the structure.. It is pretty though esp in turquoise!
  7. I would advise against it in imho... Satin runs easily and for a first Chanel bag, which is so special, I'll get something that will be good to use everyday and will last. Do you like the classic caviar or reissue?
  8. hhrrmm.. i dont think its the best option.. satin snagss..
  9. I wouldn't get this as my first Chanel bag. It isn't ideal for everyday use.
  10. I bought the Satin Coco Croco during the Neiman sale. I think satin si probably very delicate but it is meant more for special occasions and evening use. i wouldn't get it as my very first bag but the deal was too good to pass up. Also, if your lifestyle has alot of evening event and parties, then it would be good to get one. I almost bougth the satin clutch a while back and someone said that the satin is durable.
  11. thanks guys u have all been really helpful. as gorgeous as it is, i will not be purchasing the satin...right now! i will probably go with a beige caviar flap or camera case.
    thanks again!!!
  12. Enjoy whatever bag you get!!!:yahoo: