PLEASE give me your HONEST opinion on this bag, PLASE!!!

  1. Okay....I have a dilema again...Me and my dilemas...(heeheehee:p ). Please give me your honest opinion on this bag..white constance! It looks pretty, but constance is small bag, and white is not practical...but again, it's so prettyyyyyyy:heart: :drool: !...about $5000...Would you buy it or pass it? What should I do????? You guy's opinion means alot to me. I can't decide! SOS!!!
    white constance.jpg white constance2.jpg
  2. I will pass only because I think constance looks best in box (my personal preference). I was offered a constance in silver chevre (had to pull myself away from that one) coz it was too "glam' for me.. and metallic leather bags have a tendency to "crack" or so my SA tells me. Saw a white box version but it was already sold...
  3. AM, will you use it? Do you like the leather. Tell us about the size....We need more information to enable you effectively.

    It is very cute, I love the constance!!
    I do prefer box, but thats just my .02, but it depends on how much you love it and will use it.

    This is a happy dilemma!
  4. ^^LOL, we gave our .02 at the exact same moment!
  5. I personally like constance in color. but this white constance is just immaculately romantic! beware of jeans rubbing with the white constance, make sure it doesn't fall at your jean's waist to refrain from color transfer!
  6. It's epsom...I wish it was box leather:sad: ...medium size Constance bag...White box leather would be AMAZING for constance bag (I've never seen white box leather before...:rolleyes: )!
  7. If you're in the market for a cute bag for summer then this Constance is great--love the white with PH, and it's a different bag from what you already own right AM? I personally prefer the Constance in Box or Chevre. I cannot do white personally, and would prefer a Kelly, but I think in Epsom it's easier to maintain.
  8. I say pass Aspen. It just doesn't say WOW to me for the price.

    (I posted before you posted is cute, but I still say pass)
  9. It's a beautiful bag. As CobaltBlu queried, "will you use it? Do you like the leather"? If the answers are yes, then keep it. If you are at all uncertain, return it for something that makes you feel like you "must" have it.
  10. I like it. It appears to be epsom and PH? It not being box dresses it down, but not to the point of making it casual...

    It would be a great bag for the summer to take to a nice luncheon or wedding.
  11. It is a pretty bag... it is small.... and white... and $5000..... I would pass
  12. ITA with everyone- the Constance is just such a box bag, the epsom kinda lets it down. The color is gorgeous though!
  13. I only like the Constance in boxcalf, Aspen...sorry....
  14. can we see it on you? or its not in your hands yet?
    I think it would be fun.... hehe...but not sure. Remember when the evelyne wasn't right for you? perhaps constance is not the most suitable alternative? hmm...
  15. It's a lovely bag, and a perfect summer one at that (small, easy to carry, white!)...but for that much, I think I'd pass >_> You could get a lovely 31cm (or 28cm, I believe) white Bolide that would be around the same amount (a bit more no doubt) with a tad more space and the same benefits :yes: