Please give me your advice!!

  1. Hi All,
    I think that i've always wanted the mono speedy 30 but because its such a popular item I haven't gotten myself to buy it. But ever time I seen so one wearing I can't help but to love it! So I recently came upon a used speedy 30 that I can get for $500, its beautiful and I think I can use it as my everyday bag and not feel guilty because its not brand what do you guys think? should I go for it? or hold out for something better?

  2. I personally think that's a bit much to pay for a used one..I'd just get a brand new one. If you use it all the time you shouldn't feel guilty about it!
  3. Just make sure its authentic before spending the $500. If unsure, go for a new one. Once you own a speedy you will love it!! If you are considering one from eBay, please use the LV thread to ask opinions on authenticity from TPF members by providing the auction #. If you are buying from a friend and you know for certain its real, go for it because if you do not end up liking it (which is unlikely) you can turn around and sell it on eBay and recoup most, if not all, your money! Good Luck!
  4. I'd just get a new one at the boutique.
  5. a new one is $620 on elux and you wouldn't have to risk getting fake one
  6. as the others have stated above, i would get a brand new one. its a fun experience to break in a new speedy and make it your own :smile:
  7. I would recommend purchasing a new Speedy 30 from LV. It's always fun to walk outside with a large LV bag! Even thought the Speedy is $620 USD, I still think it's one of the best values at LV and you won't regret buying it!!!
  8. well it looks like everyone feels the same way..but the bag is being sold on eBay from a pfer so it's authentic..but i guess i'll have to think about this some more..i think that $500 is a like high for a used we we'll see..thanks to everyone for their comments..:tup:
  9. I would buy a new one...I carry mine all over. It wil be fine.
  10. I think you should put in a little more and a brand new one.
  11. i agree. $500 is sort of high for a used speedy. i'd rather get a brand new one.
  12. That would be too high for a preowned speedy. Add a little more to get a new speedy. Nothing beats the boutique experience....
  13. I think you will be happier with a brand spankig new speedy!
  14. ITA with everyone the extra 120 + take will be worth it in then end for a new speedy. You will not only get the boutique experience, but you will get to watch you vachetta patina over time.
  15. Yeah, go for the new Speedy. You will love to get it new and love it all to yourself. Don't worry about messing up a new one. She will be just fine!