Please give me the low down on high end shoes Gucci vs. Jimmy Choo vs. Manolos etc.

  1. Hi,

    I am pretty new to buying high end shoes. I am noticing the sales lately, and I purchased two pair of Chanel wedges, one with white patent leather and blue patent, the other with tan leather and black patent and a fabric ribbon that ties arount the heel. I also purchased a few Gucci shoes. I am confused however about whether Manolos or other designers are known to be better made, and a better investment in the long term. I wonder to myself why Manolos get so much hype. I am looking for general shoes for every day walking in the summer, but also an evening shoe. Perhaps later I will post pics of the actual shoes for opinions.

    I wonder if my money is better spent on a pair of Manolos not on sale, than a pair of Gucci or Chanel shoes on sale. Sales also generally only take off $200, so is it better to buy something from the current collection? And, when buying a shoe, how much thought should be put into whether you have the bag to match? Is patent a bad idea in a shoe, especially white patent? Is it a waste of money to even buy high end shoes? Is it better to save money for bags, clothes and jewels?

    Can anyone give me the lowdown on which brands are investment brands, and what sort of shoes are worth putting money down for? How much wear can one get out of a designer shoe like a Manolo? Would you buy a Gucci sandal? Or only a Gucci stilletto?

    Thank you!
  2. I love all of my designer shoes:love: ! I only have one pair of Manolos, only because they are not my taste (a little too plain), I tend to go for Gucci, quite a bit....and other more obscure high-end brands...the way that I look at it is if I spend a lot of money on a shoe, I want it to have a little something special to it. I generally buy the stilettos, because I wear these shoes out at night, and I think they are worth every $$$$.
    I think I know the Chanel shoes that you are talking about, and as to your patent question, it is more delicate than flat leather, only because it scratches more easily. I am not sure where you are buying your shoes, but if you wait till the end of the summer, you can get at least 50% off at Neimans (if they have your size).
    And as for your matching bags....if you have something that coordinates, that's all I would worry about....enjoy your new shoes...hopefully this will be the start of a long and healthy addiction!!!
  3. I think it all depends on what you prefer.
  4. I love Chanel shoes and find them the most comfortable.

    My manolos are not uncomfortable but I prefer the Chanels. I could wear them all day running around. I can't say that about my Manolos.
  5. I love Manolos but I am thinking that recently, my favourite designer has to be Christian Louboutin.
    Although, having said that, I seem ot havea closet full of Dolce & Gabbanas!

    Jimmy Choo shoes are not actually made any longer, by Jimmy Choo. He sold the company & his name to Tamara Mellon several years ago. Jimmy Choo now produces his own hand made to measure line called 'Jimmy Choo Couture' (under license) Personally, I moved away from Jimmy Choo as soon as Tamara took over.
    The best made shoes, I find are by Rickard Shah. They are hand made to your exact measurements & specifications. If you can afford it, go for them!

    But other than that, it totally depends on your own style & wardrobe. I like to keep my wardrobe classic & stylish, but use shoes & bags to explore the trends of the season.

    What ever you decide, you'll have a whale of a time trying them all on!
  6. hmm, i didn't know jimmy choo sold his wonder i haven't bought anything from them for the past 2 collections. although, i still swear by their house boots.

    anyways, louboutins are gorgeous to look at, but made more for narrower feet (imo), therefore, i can't comfortably wear them....the same goes for manolos. they're just a tad too narrow for me. i've always found sergio rossi shoes to be very comfy, but since edmuno castillo became their designer, i no longer find their shoes desirable. right now, i'm on a rene caovilla kick since i found my wedding shoe with them (great evening shoe designer, btw). gucci shoes are good too, especially when they are 40% off now at the stores, pretty reasonable compared to the other high end ones. i like gucci b/c they can be sexy and not too conservative, so that if i wear a very plain outfit, i can just jazz up with my gucci shoes.

    i think once you find shoe designers that makes shoes that you'd love to own, AND can wear comfortably, then you're set. i dont believe in buying shoes just b/c they've got great PR and hype. i've always leaned toward shoes more than bags, but now i sometimes feel that when i hesitate to buy a piece of jewelry, and not blink when it's two pairs of jimmy choo boots, i should invest more in jewelry. clothes and bags are great, but i end up using the same loro piana bag to work everyday and clothes are just...clothes (however, i'd spent thousands on a great coat).

    i dont think i answered all your questions, but hopefully there's something in here as food for thought.
  7. I would base it on style because Chanel is one half classic and the other half youthful; Gucci is sex kitten; Manolo is Wall Street power broker; Jimmy Choo is fashion editor.

    The shoes all last about the same, quality is all comparable, etc. As for comfort, I'd just try them on hard floors to test them out.
  8. It's been said on PF that it's not worth spending a lot of money on shoes because as soon as you wear them outside they are "ruined." This is true. But I love designer shoes for their design and I will not compromise on that.

    Whether you spend your money on shoes or coats or etc. depends on your tastes and lifestyle. You live in CA and HI so a coat isn't that necessary (if you lived in NY, I'd recommend getting at least one gorgeous coat a year).

    Base it on your gut reaction. Buy what you love. :biggrin:
  9. I own more Gucci shoes than any other brands. Gucci sandals,loafers,sneakers, and flats. I have a pair of Gucci 3in heels. I've worn once. They are so high I'm scared I'd fall. I have more of the Chanel sneakers which are the most comfortable shoes. Also my Prada shoes are great from everyday wear. I don't own any Manolos but they do put them on sale at NM quite often. I would love to own a pair but there hasn't been any that really made me want to buy them. I recently got a cute Ferragamo sandal w/ kitten heel at the outlet. I Love those. I mean for me I buy expensive shoes for comfort and style. I also own low end shoes too but I get my money's worth out of the expensive ones.
  10. This is all very helpful, thank you. I am curious as to what "ruins" a shoe. If I buy a high end shoe, how many wears can I get out of it? Am I stupid to throw on a nice Gucci slide whenever I go out, as I am cutting its lifetime in half (instead of getting my money's worth)?

    Also, I do have a wider foot, so perhaps Manolos are then not ideal for me. I love Sonya's comment, "I would base it on style because Chanel is one half classic and the other half youthful; Gucci is sex kitten; Manolo is Wall Street power broker; Jimmy Choo is fashion editor."

    I think we all have a little bit of all these women within us.

    I have been "afraid" of shoes my whole life because I have wide, size 10 feet and back trouble and a little bit of knee pain to boot. However I cannot imagine going the rest of my life without heels. I just turned 27. I have discovered I can manage up to 3 inches on short trips (dinner, events with sitting, theater etc.) so I have made it my goal to get some great beautiful shoes for going out, and some knock out flatter shoes or lower heels for hitting the town. What do you girls wear when you hit the town? Let's say the plan was a day of shopping downtown. What's on your feet? What's on your feet at a casual dinner?
  11. I have larger feet as well and I find Manolos to be the most comfortable for all day. I asked a cobbler why this seemed to be so and he said it all has to do with heel placement. They are sometimes a bit plain though.
  12. I can't believe people actually say that! How do you ruin shoes by wearing them?? And what is a ruined shoe, anyway? When I worked an office job, I would have my Carolynes resoled over and over and wear them for years...I don't think you could do that with a pair of Nine West pumps. Designer shoes are worth every penny.

    In answer to the OP, I am obviously biased, but I think Manolos are the most comfortable. I don't like Gucci shoes; for one, I never find them comfortable, and two, they just don't seem to be in the same league, quality-wise, as Manolos, Choos, Louboutins, etc.
  13. I think what people just meant was that as soon as you wear shoes outside, they become dirty and the bottom, at the very least, gets scratched.

    Anyway, you get your "money's worth" not by how many times you wear the shoes, but by the enjoyment you get from wearing them. I had no idea how long a particular pair of shoes will last on someone because there are so many factors involved, like how you walk, your bone structure, etc. Also freak accidents happen. But you can always resole your shoes for around $15 and that will definitely prolong the life of your shoes.

    Wear whatever type of shoes your feet can handle. The truth is, each pair of shoe is different, ie Louboutins are not consistant among different types of shoes, 5 inch stilettos will feel differently from wedges, slingbacks different from flats. You have to experiment and try out a lot of different brands and types of shoes before you find your favorite. It's more comfortable for me to wear flats when shopping the entire day, but for some women, heels are actually more comfortable. Depends on you. For casual dinner, I wear anything, from stilettos to flats to platforms to slingbacks. For a night out, I wear embellished stilettos.

    Good luck! Have fun compiling your shoe collection!
  14. The brand that fits me absolutely the best, the brand my husband can buy and come home and know that the shoe will fit like a glove, is Via Spiga. I guess i would consider them a "bridge" line. But, they have some exceedingly beautiful styles and are incredibly weareable:

    - Via Spiga slim platform, round-toe, patent leather maryjanes. Put 'em on at 9am, have a meeting, walk to lunch, pack my bags, hustle to the airport, BRISKLY walk the concourse to get to my gate at 8pm, and STILL be ready to go to dinner when hubby picks me up.

    - Jimmy Choo dark navy boots, purchased in 2003 (that I wear ever fall and winter like crazy). Great purchase, fit in the calf can get tight with just a pound or two of weight loss.

    - 2 pair D & G for "fun shoes" - enough balance for boogie but not terribly comfortable.

    - Manolo Carolynes in camel for work and Jeans

    - Also a big fan of Anne Klein shoes. Have a cute ivory pair with tassel that has taken a lot of rough wear and a black kitten heel pointy pair that I'll evenentuall trade in for Louboutins.

    - Several pair Jil Sander shoes, more masculine but elegant lines.

    - Stunningly gorgeous linen Prada peep toe heels that take every outfit "to the next level".

    I am not a shoe loyalist... I and LIKE it that way. :smile: