Please give me the courage to quit my job!

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  1. Hello all,

    I've decided. I've been working on this dead end job for 3 and a half years and everyday I am miserable. Some days I would just cry at night before coming at work and I'll get really depressed and bitter to everyone around me.. I've put up with so many things during the year and I always think I can still stick it out because of the pay and that I pretty much knows everything about the job. I plan to work here only a couple more years anyway.

    Everything seems ok until couple of days ago, my coworker called in the morning on my day off just to complain that the task I did is not up to her standard. I'm trying so hard to be friend with her because we have to work together. There are things she did wrong and I shut my mouth because I don't want to fight or even to start a conflict. And now this, the smallest thing possible and she has to get it out on me at 8am in the morning. I did respond quite defensively and she called me immature and unprofessional. And that's when I thought, I'm so done with this. Of I don't get out now, I'm going to be stuck here forever.

    I do have another job waiting for me and it's completely in different field and pay less. Things might get rough but I think I can make it before I find something I really want to do.. Today is the day I'm giving my 2 weeks notice to my boss and I hope there will be no problem. I tried to quit before in March due to excessive work but he stalled me pointing out all the good things this job offers and he will get me some help. (Hint: my troublesome co worker).

    I'm quite weak and scared of my boss honestly.. He yells and swears and can be unreasonable sometimes. Loosing me will cause him some problem of finding someone to replace me so I'm sure he's going to ask many questions and try to fix everything and have me stay. I hope he will understand and let me go. I have all the reasoning and support from my SO, all I need now is the courage to give him a call.

    Thank you for all your time!
  2. i don't understand...when you hand in your 2 weeks notice, you boss can't do anything but to let you go. most of the time, some ppl just asked for a big raise....
    are you at a high position that you have to take calls when you're off? i used to work at a small office and ppl called for the smallest where XXX is...i was annoyed and most of the time i just ignored the calls.
  3. I had a job where I felt the same way - dreaded going into work, on my walk there I always wished a car would just come and hit me and put me in the hospital for a few days just so I'd have an excuse not to go in. It wasn't a coworker that caused the issues, it was my boss himself. I was so afraid to give him my two weeks with the honest answer (I didn't have a backup job aside from a part time gig, and that the reason I was leaving was him), so I made up a lie that I had to move back home to help out my parents since my mom was having major leg surgery and wouldn't be able to care for herself for a few months. It definitely made those last two weeks easier, because I know otherwise he would have constantly been trying to make me stay.

    Could you make up a small lie like that about why you're leaving, so your boss doesn't become a total jerk to you? I don't know what kind of field you're in, but a coworker should NOT call you on your day off unless it's vitally important, and definitely not at 8am just to complain to you. I'm a manager and unfortunately calls on my day off are part of my job, but I never call my employees when they aren't working if I can help it.

    Best of luck, and trust me, you will feel SO much better when you give your two weeks....the night before your last day will feel like Christmas Eve.
  4. I'm only afraid that he will beg me to stay a little bit more until he finds someone ..for old time sake and all. I have a weak spot because he did help me a lot when I first started. So it will be difficult saying no.

    Both me and my co woker are in the same position and basically she replaces me on my day offs. There might be things she needs to know so I can't ignore her calls.
  5. Your boss is creating what is called a hostile work environment and that's illegal. I'm assuming you don't have an HR department? When he asks why you are leaving you are completely justified by telling him that his behavior is unacceptable. He can't hold you hostage as an employee. Good riddance!
  6. Thank You so much for your reply! I'm thinking about lying too(leaving the town, move back home for my mom).. Perfect exit. Although this is a small town and my boss might find out eventually that I lie. I had my employees lied to me before and I felt stupid when I later found out the truth. That's why I think it is best just to be honest.
  7. I wouldn't lie. I would just hand in your 2-week notice and tell your boss that you are going to be moving on to new opportunities. No need to say more.
  8. I do have an HR but I have to tell him(DM) first nevertheless. Thank you for your reply - I didn't know that at all.
  9. i too left my old job b/c my boss was an a$$ the resignation letter i just stated i had better opportunity. when i handed my letter to him, he asked why...seriously i was so tempted to tell him b/c of him, he created a very hostile uncomfortable working environment. but i know better not to tell him the truth. i didn't want to make someone so evil as my enemy. i am sure if i told him he's an a$$...he'd set his goal to ruin me professionally as his life mission. he did so many mean things...lets just say someone at work killed himself and another person got very sick (nervous breakdown). he even called in a prof. organization (our field) to stop someone's certification. talk about evil.
  10. Glad that you're out now. How does he sleep at night?? He sounds horrible!

    I DID IT! I told him I think it's time. And all he said was ok, if that's what you want. Gosh that was a relieve.
  11. YAY...congrats!!
    my current job is actually a pay cut but i am a lot happier....i am sure once your mental state is a lot happier, you'll have a more positive outlook in life and good things will come to you.

    btw, i suspect he sleeps just fine. i don't think he has a about sociopath...
  12. Leaving a job can be a huge step. I did it, took my survival course to work on the oil rigs as a stewardess. Two years later I have an office job on the rig, triple the pay I had as a Motorway Services manager, two weeks on/three weeks off couldn't be better!! Good luck in whatever you do.
  13. Yes I felt this way for so long. Since I got a pip I look at it as a push. I was looking for other jobs but bot as consistently and i wasn't going ti leap into something without enough savings. I dreaded going to work and the fact my boss was passively harassing me and was quite insulting to my day to day activities at work. He is the one that acts like he does nothing wrong at all! I am glad my life will change for the better.
  14. Hi Fifitrix,
    Can you elaborate what a stewardess does on a rig? My DH works for Halliburton and he's never heard of that title so we were wondering what it entailed exactly?
  15. A stewardess is basically a cleaner or catering assistant. I'm now a maintenance planner. :smile: