Please give me some opinions...


which colors?

  1. White & Camel

  2. White & Black

  3. Black & Camel

  4. Other (please explain in a post)

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  1. I am going to purchase one more bag for the fall/winter season then I'm going to enjoy what I have until Spring. (accessories don't count! LOL!) So, I have a white legacy slim flap that I ordered because there were only 5 in JAX and I love the white leather! So, what I'm trying to decide on is whether to keep the white and get either a camel slim flap or one in black or return the white and get black and camel. I thought I'd throw this out there for you gals to see if you all could come up with some points of view that I hadn't considered. I currently own a vintage ergo hobo, chocolate siggie bleeker, wine leather bleeker, canvas slim flap in white/citron and canvas slim flap in brown/parchment. So what do you think?
  2. hhmmm I think it totally depends on what you want. Sounds like you do and will have a great selection, so if you want the white, I say go for that and if you can still get the other colors you have your basic colors as well as your fun color.. not everyone can do that, so go for it! :tup:
  3. Thanks, fields! I think I shall go with black and white. I'll leave the tags on white for a bit to be sure I really want her and not just having her around to stare at but not use, kwim? And I need a black bag, I don't have one. I have brown. These will both be very practical bags for me to have and classy so I can use them for many seasons! Once I get black, this girl is banned until Spring!
  4. Just my opinion - I would get a black bag definitely, and return the white. However, I probably wouldnt have gotten a white bag at all because they are just not for me, but if you like white bags, then add a black. Then you'll pretty much have a wide variety of colors, which makes a nice bag wardrobe.:tup:
  5. I would keep the white for sure! JAX only had 5 left and you LOVE that bag in white..keep her for this Spring/Summer. You'll kick yourself down the road if you don't. Then I would just buy the black bag and you're set! Black is a staple that you're missing, your vintage Ergo hobo is similar to camel so you don't need that color, you have your browns covered with your brown Bleecker and brown/parchment and you have a nice wine bag for some color. That should do it for Winter and then you can still have your new white slim flap to look forward to this Spring! :tup: Black and white!!:yes:

  6. Wow! The voice of reason! You are exactly right! And yes, I'd kick myself if I sent that white bag back knowing there are only 5 left! (4 now!) And it's not like they pop up on eBay very often! I got the white today and I love it, I couldn't stand the thought of sending it back after seeing it again! :love: It's beautiful! Woohoo! Black is next! :yahoo::woohoo::wlae:

    ETA: Shall I share a pic of Miss White? Yummy, like Breyer's vanilla ice cream!

  7. I love the white! Legacy white is beautiful and the black will be gorgeous in the slim flap as well. :graucho:

  8. White leather legacy looks so fabulous paired with the bold legacy lining!! I also voted black and white. You'll have to post pics of your other bag once you decide!
  9. I also voted white and black. Those are colors you don't currently have so it just makes sense. And I have to say that the white legacy is beautiful.
  10. That slim flap in white is TDF! Besides I have to say that whenever I see someone carrying a white bag I do a double take, it always looks so stylish and pretty. That bag is a keeper. I voted black too because it didn't seem you had that colour and black legacy leather is just wonderful with that hardware against it :girlsigh:.
  11. ohhh! i am so not a white bag person (b.c it would make me ocd about cleaning it!!) but i LOVE that bag! if there are only 5 left you have to keep it. cverhoff is right- you will kick yourself down the road if you let it go! if you return it, it will be GONE so hold tight!!
  12. Thanks, gals! I got my white slim flap and I'm keeping it!! I've been carrying it and I am so proud of this bag, I just cannot tell you what a thrill it is to own it! LOL! I don't know if there is any bag as beautiful as one made out of white legacy leather!

    OK, enough of that! So, I got a Carly Demi for a fabulous price on eBay in black, I just couldn't help myself! I saved myself a few hundred dollars going with the Carly rather than the slim flap! Now I have a black bag so maybe I'll get the Camel slim flap if I can hold out until the next PCE! Woohoo!

    Regardless of what I do, black or camel, I absolutely love these slim flaps! I may have to buy one in each color as long as they remain in JAX! ;) :graucho: