Please give me some honeymoon ideas!

  1. I am getting married next July and will only have one week for a honeymoon. So we want to make it one GREAT week. I am looking for recommendations for luxurious honeymoon spots, keeping the timeline of 1 week in mind and that I would be leaving from Toronto. Thank you in advance!!

    Oh, and I'm thinking all-inclusive resorts would be nice...but I always read such mixed reviews about them. Has anyone been to any truly amazing all-inclusive resorts?
  2. I went to an amazing all-inclusive in Jamaica. Don't laugh girls... it was Hedonism III. Haha it's a nudist resort but only HALF of the resort is nude mandatory ;). It was a TON of fun, there are no kids allowed, and people are very respectful. It's a sex orientated resort but many couples (like us) were not interested in swinging or anything. The people who were our parents age were SO much more liberal than we were. It was really funny bc we were there in the off season and the 40-50 kept calling us "the old married couple" (in a really cute way, not a mean way) even tho we were 20 and unmarried. BF and I went there on a whim since we were already in Jamaica on a study abroad. If you're looking for some place to have a lot of adult fun, that's the best place in the world. Also, people don't approach you or stare at you or anything weird. I felt a lot more comfortable than I thought I was going to.

    If that's not up your alley, there's tons of great all inclusives across the Caribbean, each with it's own vibe. Do a couple google searches and look around and let us know what you find!!!
  3. Cozumel,'s beautiful!
  4. Maui is a classic and hard to beat. Hubby and I had our honeymoon there and just went back this year for our 5th year anniversary. They have several all inclusive places...right on the beach. The snorkeling is so fun and so are the boat tours - there is a private island right off of Maui that's also fabulous! If you can afford it, I'd go there. It's called Lanai'i and it's the same island that Bill Gates rented for his wedding (he rented the WHOLE island!). The beach is private and it's so gorgeous!!!
  5. My husband and I went on a Meditterranean cruise for our honeymoon. It was a 2 week cruise, but you may be able to find shorter ones. I highly, highly recommend this. It was nothing short of amazing.

    We went to several spots in Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Monte Carlo. I think about that trip every single day and would love to do it again!

  6. my fiance and i thought about doing this!! his family is from italy & i've always wanted to go, so we thought a med. cruise for our honeymoon might be the way to go.

    what cruise line did you use? PM me if necessary - thanks!
  7. DH and I went to the Sandals Grande St Lucian in St Lucia. I was not sure about all-inclusive either, but this one was fabulous! We absolutely loved it!
  8. My husband and I went to the Greek islands for our honeymoon. We loved it... gorgeous islands and people... beautiful sunsets... great food, etc.

    But, one of our annual vacation spots is Aruba and we absolutely love it there too.

    Congratulations, by the way!
  9. Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island Bahamas....gorgeous!!
  10. A week will not be enough to do anything even close to justice no matter where in the world you go, so if you have definitively ruled out close-your-eyes-and-spin-the-globe, which is really the best way to choose, here are some of the obvious and most popular ones in no particular order with the exception of Agra, which of course must always come first in any list of honeymoon destinations: ;)

    San Francisco
    Addis Ababa
    Manda Island (Kenya)
    Rio de Janeiro
    Key West
  11. We went here for our honeymoon too! We loved it so much we went back for our 1st anniversary. Both times they upgraded us for free and we ended up in the same room the second time. They had re-decorated the room, so we didn't mind having the same room.:tup:

    The best thing about this location, is that there are 2 other Sandals resorts so you can use them as well.
  12. What about somewhere different?? Egypt, Italy, maybe?? Some friends of our's went to Egypt and LOVED it!!!!