Please give me some haute joaillerie names and pics...

  1. As the title states, I would like some jewelry porn to Google please!!:graucho:

    I only know of Boucheron, so any other suggestions would be great!

    Also, if you own any beautiful pieces yourself I (and others) would love to see pictures!
  2. have you tried graff, van cleef, mousaieff ,damas ,hemmerle, hornemann, dianoor ,winston,wempe, henry sillam ? but most of these houses display nearly none of their haute joaillerie pieces on the websites due to the clients privacy and wishes for nonpublishing and fear of copying
  3. Verdura
  4. forgot cartier and chopard and degrisogono
  5. Lilach, you are our jewelry goddess.
  6. I couldn't have said that better myself GT!^^
  7. Yes, I was hoping Lilach would reply!

    Anyway, thanks heaps and I will have a look at their websites.
  8. Lilach is right that you can’t find pics of High Jewellery pieces on their websites, don’t know why but it’s not that big a deal given that you can walk into their boutique to see it anyway – I can’t see them and need the book even for Chanel Fine Jewellery – but you can buy the Vogue Gioiello (Italian language) and usually they have lots of killer stuff including High Jewellery.

    These are my jewellery porn that I stash on my computer to give me inspirations when I get lazy. Just as well that I’ve totally given up Hermès so I can concentrate on these ‘more important’ things (not that I can afford them anyway, LOL). BTW, I’ll promise to go without sex for the ENTIRE year if someone gets me anyone of these!

    Nice and ‘affordable’ brooch with 65 carat blue sapphire at £440,000 (last time I checked it out in the boutique anyway)

    Graff necklace, 144 carats of diamonds with 70-carat IF light fancy pink diamonds at £5,000,000 so I’m guessing a 10-carat coloured diamond engagement ring shouldn’t be more than $1,000,000 (actually someone I know has a smaller Graff very similar to this and it’s absolutely insane).

    I have a first hand experience with this Cartier Caresse d’Orchidée necklace which I had on my neck for about a minute, LOL. It makes you seriously arrogant once you put it on but it will literally cost you your house at £750,000 (don’t know about other ladies but I have to do a partial remortgage on my house to get this!)


    Surprisingly Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewellery is not that expensive (Sotheby's are calling these Haute Joaillerie anyway). There was an auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva last May (look at this press article with Boucheron price ranges as well). I had the catalogue and also peek at the hammer pricelist and as far as I remember, most of them are within the guidance range and are less than half a million. I’m sure it’s within many ladies’ annual incomes and definitely imaginable numbers especially if you turn it into £, LOL!
  9. bee bee the graff pink diamond one is costlyer than 5 million ;) (really much much more believe me where did you get that price ?)

    ok here are some pics to drool (both van cleef)

  10. sorry here are the pics :shame:

  11. wow..that is some seriously beautiful jewelry.....:nuts: :nuts:

    (why isn't there a drooling smiley?)

    I quite like the Boucheron website and they have some INCREDIBLE earrings...

    oooh my gosh and their watches! :heart:

    Thanks again and keep the pictures coming!
  12. :blush: oh my gosh thank you :shame:
  13. Holy s**t!!!!
    I think I am in LOVE!!

    With anything and everything Van Cleef!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I have just been on their website anything cost less than USD500,000??