Please give me some final denim input!

  1. I am very torn, as many of you may know, I want to get something with the free shipping and I'm between a vernis Lexinton and a denim Mini Pleaty. I know they are quite different, and I'm thinking I could really use a little vernis bag in my collection because it is dressier than most of my little LV's (plus I'm going to the symphany next month and I think it will be a perfect little bag to use). I love the style of the mini pleaty but I still need some final denim soon as I read someone say it looks like their grandmothers couch or something like that it totally turns me off:wtf: And I'm all for buying LV that is classic, I just don't see the denim having the longevity I desire. Though I kinda felt this way about multicolor years ago which has hung in there pretty well, but I don't even think you could compare denim to multicolor, multicolor is not THAT far from classic mono, just with a punch of color and decoration, and the denim, is, well....denim:confused1:
  2. I don't think it looks like a couch, unless your grandmother has a very stylish designer couch !

    The lexington is definitely dressier, and if you already have more casual bags and need something for more formal events, I'd get the lexington. Don't forget about the pleaty though, it's still a bag that would be lovely in a collection ! :yes:
  3. Lola24, just get the mini pleaty already. You know you want it.
  4. since you want something that is dressier, and you already have so many doubts about the Denim, then go for the Lexington.
  5. I love the style of the pleaty, but I'm just not sold on the denim, I think vernis is much more worthy of the $$$ than denim is.... Plus I think if I bought the pleaty right now I would get the green because I really like green, but if I wait I may only be able to get the blue which I think may be a better choice...
  6. if you ever get the Mini Pleaty, blue would be the best choice :yes:. it would go with everything just because denim is blue anyway
  7. Yeah, and I think I totally agree with you, plus, I've noticed that some denim is much darker than others due to the wash, I like the darker denim which is another thing holding me back from ordering it, I think I need to pick this one out in person if I do decide to get it......I want to get my perle reade pm in Hawaii, so maybe I'll get the pleaty too when I'm there, unless I find a Chanel or Chloe that I like better. Thanks!
  8. I so don't see how the pleaty would be like a grandmother's sofa. I would totally do that one, the denim is wonderful! It is free shipping, so you could buy both, try them on, and send one back!:graucho:
  9. Then I keep seeing your green one and really like the green, I think I need to go with the lexington though for now, my collection is missing a piece like this and I wear so much denim I also kinda feel like a denim purse can be overkill for me, unless I go green which is less denim like......If anything I like my bags to dress me up a bit when I wear jeans though.....Usually when I can't take the plunge on something for this long, it's just not the right thing for me to buy.....AND I've been wanting a lexington for more years than I can remember.....thanks for the input, I needed to talk this out and had no one here (home) to do that with!
  10. I have the same situation like you as I really wanted to get the baggy pm but I'm not sure the classic look (like mono line) or if I don't get it now, the bag will be gone?. or should I get the similar bag but from the mono line?
    is it gonna be too dressier coz I just want the casual look.
    I also live in jeans and want the casual bag out for shopping, normally if I'm totally in love with the bag, I will go for it without regret but I've delay my purchase every week so I kept question myself.
    Hope you and me work it out!!! :smile:
  11. I say you get the pleaty b/c you have been wanting or at least thinking about it for a long time. You do have doubts about the denim but if you get the lexington instead, you might still be thinking about the pleaty even when the lexington comes. I say go for it. It's free shipping too so if you don't like it you could always return it.
  12. Go for the lexington. I think vernis is really more worthy of the money.Paying a lot for a denim???? that got me thinking until now, even if pink and green colors are really attractive..sorry but no. LV have so much other lines to choose from. lexington is a good choice!
  13. What color Lexington were you thinking about?
  14. I would go with the Lexington. And that would be my choice, but then again, the denim pleaty is pretty! :smile:
  15. Lola, I think it depends on what you want more... something you'll get more use out of everyday or something a little fancier?

    You have quite a bit vernis pieces already and the denim would be something entirely different. Plus you're going to get another vernis piece (the reade) soon?

    I think having a denim bag whether it be in blue or green or pink is not "overkill" even if you live in your jeans! I think it would only look like denim exploded on you if you were also wearing a denim shirt. :yes:

    I think the denim line goes great with casual days out.

    I think the lexington is absolutely beautiful, but I guess my beef is that it holds so little since the vernis makes it more stiff.